The Family Curse

Based on real events

The people are real.

The family is real.

The facts are facts.

This curse is the only plausible explanation of how this all happened. The curse is the only element of fiction. Unless, it’s true.

Opening Scene:

A young dark shadowy figure, Robert Johnson, is walking down a dusty dirt road at dawn after making his infamous deal with the devil. Meanwhile an almost translucent middle age man is walking down another dirt road mumbling about how much he wants to be a success in life.

These two men meet at a crossroads. The middle age man asked the younger if he’s ever played football.

“No sir” The younger man replies.

The older gentleman makes a few inappropriate comments about race, genetics, and athletes. They both talk about needing to make it to Chicago to fulfill their dreams. Johnson tells the other man about his deal with the devil, and how he is headed that way with the help of a scary lookin fella down the road.

A young Halas continues down the road in search of a deal. Halas full of piss and vinegar but without a pot to piss in proudly declares when he reaches the devil,

“I need to move to Chicago”

The Devil replies, “I want your name.”

“Done.” Squeaks Halas.

“Anything else?” The devil asks.

“I want to be the most powerful person in the American Professional Football Association.”

“Done.” Snarls the devil.

“However, just to be clear you will never see a Super Bowl”

“What the fuck is a Super Bowl?” Questions Halas.

“Never mind, it can’t be that important I’ve never heard of it. I’ll do it”

“Anything else?” The devil asks.

“If you get me to Chicago and make me the most powerful man in the American Professional Football Association.”

“You can have my name. It’s not good for me when I’m gone anyway. And you can have your Super Bowls who needs em?”

“I’ll see you in 1983” the devil says.

I’m trying to develop a story that loosely explains the origins of the Chicago Bears and the NFL through the life of George Stanley Halas. The story is a series of meetings between Halas and the Devil that explains origins of The Chicago Bears and the NFL. As well as showcasing the civil and social and civil unrest in Chicago/America over the last 100+ years. Also, at the same time trying to show how the Monsters of the Midway have become more like chipmunks to quote Jean Sheppard in The Christmas Story.

The story will follow the arc of America beginning in the Roaring 20’s, into The Great Depression, building Bears brand in Post WWII America, Teaming up with Universities to create a free minor league, Mayor Daley and the DNC riots, and a modern day capitalist. Halas turns from a poor working class stiff into a ruthless business man dealing in flesh, using his resources much like any entrepreneur has by abuse, overuse, intimidation, cutting cost, and letting money and power slowly make his dream a nightmare. The constant theme will be GSH going back to the devil, meeting other historical figures at the crossroads, and giving more away of himself in search of power, lost in greed, and self righteousness.

In an attempt to tell the tale of modern day America by weaving the threads of the history of the Chicago Bears and The Grabowski’s. To tell a story of the working class people of the Greater Chicagoland Area over the last 100 years.

Ep. 1 Deal with the Devil

Ep. 2 The roaring 20’s/The Crossroads

Ep. 3 The Great Depression/WWII

Ep. 4 Building an empire

Ep. 5 Minor leagues/College Football

Ep. 6 Civil Unrest (DNC Riots)

Ep. 7 The 70’s

Ep. 8 Da Bears/Sweetness/Prodigal Son

Papa dies. Cabrini Green. Factory’s close. 85 Bears give hope to a city being torn apart

Ep. 9 The McCaskey’s/ The Trust/ The Board

Ep. 10 a century later Lovie/CFL/Fox/Nagy

After digesting another lack luster season of Chicago Bears Football I am once again clueless as to what is happening in and around Halas Hall. But, I hope even if they don’t hire me that the new GM, Head Coach, and any possible new titles such as President of Football Operations are given the reins to this franchise finally get it right.

General Bears History

The Chicago Bears Football Club can trace their history to one person.

George Stanley Halas

The story of the NFL and George Stanley Halas begins in Decatur Illinois. A city closer to St. Louis than Chicago. The Decatur Staleys began playing football in an old baseball field in 1920. There were two APFA (American Professional Football Association) teams in Chicago during that inaugural year the Tigers and the Cardinals. After one year in Decatur Mr. Halas moved the Staleys to Chicago and by 1922 The AFPA was renamed the NFL. Over the next sixty three years Halas would lead his franchise to unfounded heights of success. He was one of the first faces of the sport.

During Papa Bears time in charge he built a franchise, birthed a professional sports league, and developed an almost mythical brand. The Monsters of the Midway. As tough nosed as the city they represent. Ironically, the brand was forged in winning and on the field excellence. However, during my lifetime they’ve been more of a push over than a championship contender.

When George Halas passed away in 1983 his name has slowly disappeared from the franchise he created. Outside of the initials on the arm of every Bears player during my lifetime. The shine of the Halas name has been over shadowed by the dust placed upon the once proud franchise by the mismanagement of the McCaskey family and most notably and recently Ted Phillips.

Since 1990 the Chicago Bears have made the playoffs 7 times compiling a 5-7 record during that time. Including an appearance in the 2006 Super Bowl.

Other original info for this story.

In reverse chronological order.

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