Conscientious objector

I’m not a fan of the status quo.

I say no when no is needed.

I ask questions when things are not clear.

I believe silence in compliance.

I see injustice all over my state, our country, this world and I have been trying to correct it.

Not that it has gotten me or us anywhere.

There still is injustice in our world, within my state, all around my town, and that’s why I continue to be a dissenting voice.

Some objections are large. Some objections are small. Some objections have global implications.

A consciousness objector stands for something. For me it’s most notably humanism, morality, and liberty through education, equality, and our environment.

It’s never been about dodging anything. I very tepidly registered for the Selective Service when I turned 18. I am forever grateful to all our volunteer Armed Services Personnel for me never having to be drafted to protect our country. However, we all have a voice. I have chosen to use mine to preserve and protect my towns, cites, state, and country.

I object to the thousands of publicly elected officials spreading fear, hate, inequality, and all those other horrible characteristics I see in most organizations be they political, societal, or archetypal that have led us to this.

Calm me crazy, I want to be on the right side of history.

Ready for round 2

Please join me.

And, spread the word.


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