Tucker for Indiana

Please vote for me.

My name is Ken Tucker,

I am an Independent candidate for Indiana’s 24th seat in our House of Representatives.

Here’s the best map I could find for my district.

Basically all of Westfield, Sheridan, parts of West Clay, and extreme eastern Boone County.

Who am I?

Why am I running for Office?

Upcoming Events

A brief synopsis of my previous run for political office.

To earn your vote, not buy it
The First Family of IN05, now honing in on IN24

For this race,

I want all of us to,


about who we elect and why.

Rhymin about who we elect and transparency

For this race,

I would ask for everyone to,

stop voting straight ticket.

Cinematic trailer

For this race,

I would like for all of us to,

vote for a person,

not a party

There’s sumpin happenin here

For this race,

I would like for all of us to,

Try something new.

One step at a time

For this race,

I would like everyone to know,

Knowledge is power,

Kindness is a strength

Love is everywhere

More of the same in 2022.

Hopefully, people take me up on my words and actions.


An Inquiring and Independent native son

Financed by my wife.

All written content, especially the grammar and punctuation mistakes,

are just me being me : ^ )