My Bears ban continues

What ban am I talking about? Back in Marc Trestman’s second year as the Head Coach of my favorite sports franchise, and after another 50+ point surrendered by the Bears once proud defense, I sent a text to basically everyone in my contacts list that I thought would care stating,

I would no longer financially support this organization


This ban shall not be lifted until this organization makes the playoffs for three consecutive years. During this time, my text went on to state, I will not be accepting gifts or purchasing any Chicago Bears related merchandise. Nor would I be attending any games at Soldier Field. However, during this ban I have been to St. Louis and Cincinnati to see them. No Bears stuff for Christmas, not for my birthday, and not because you saw it and thought of me.

It’s all really to bad for me. I could really use a new hat, it’s my favorite accessory, my flag is being to get tattered as well, and in a bit of irony my dogs knocked over the side table holding my Bears coffee mug on November 10, 2014 and it broke. My wife bought it for me 2 weeks before for my birthday.

Even before the Bears conclude their 100th season let me be the first to offer my thoughts and insights on this season and the future of my last childish pleasure, the Chicago Bears.

I’d say the final play against Green Bay to conclude there most recent meeting is pretty indicative of the Matt Nagy Era thus far. Hell of a trick ’em and hope to dick ’em type of play. Creative if you were a Special Teams Coordinator or an Offensive Coordinator. But you’re not. You’re the head coach. Time to put this organization into a winning situation.

Even before the last week officially begins I have to think changes are coming to the Bears coaching staff. Specifically on the offensive side. I hate hearing about people losing their jobs. Especially normal people doing normal work. But football is a game. Life as a high profile coach has many benefits. Not least of which is monetary. If I were calling the shots I’d fire Offensive Coordinator Mark Helfrich and maybe even Dave Ragone only because you probably not going to fire your Head Coach. Truth be told I didn’t understand the Helfrich hiring because I really never bought into Oregon. Dave Ragone is different. I think he’s probably a really good coach. He played at Louisville and in the NFL but I’m not sure he’s an RPO guy.

However, this all comes back to Head Coach Matt Nagy. He either didn’t trust his quarterback coach and offensive coordinator, or they fed him a bunch of misinformation about what Mitchell Trubisky could do. Either way, neither of those three coaches were able to get this offense on the right track.

Speaking of getting this organization on the right track I hope Bears GM Ryan Pack and Matt Nagy do some serious work this off season to find a quarterback that can win games. Because with this defense…… If I were in those meeting I’d suggest they sign a Free Agent quarterback this off season and draft one early on in the draft. Yes, they probably should bring back Trubisky as well. More on that this off season.

Why do I write about football?

Why do I care about the Bears?

For my friends and family you need not read any further, you already know this stuff. I was born into a Chicago family. I was raised by a man who loved watching sports. As a kid I used my yard, the street, my neighbors driveways, the Boys and Girls Club, and organized sports as an escape. Specifically football.

I never played in the NFL. After injuries derailed any real chance of playing Division 1, now FCS, I continued to consume sports in mass. Specifically everything Chicago Sports. The Bears in particular. I coached high school football for the first decade of my adult life.

Even with the internet nothing can prepare a person to talk about something than actually doing that thing. Playing sports, playing instruments, doing anything should be done before it is taught, or in this case written about. At least I think so. Now, I don’t claim to be a classsicaly trained writer. But, if Mark Helfrich can be an NFL coordinator….

Another childhood pleasure I consumed were sports video games. RBI, Tecmo, Super Tecmo, Madden, NHL 94, Little League Baseball, and the Dream Team to name a few. You can blame my dad for that as well. He had an Atari and sometimes allowed my brother and I to play it. More often he yelled at us about being to aggressive with the joystick. I was a Nintendo, Sega Genesis, PS, and PS2 kid. I have an original XBox but it’s main function has served as a DVD player. I never got around to online gaming. However, I much like The Wizard, participated in two Madden tournaments in College.

As an adult, I still watch sports but my life, especially as a father, no longer revolves around them. However, I do appreciate the internet allowing me to continue indulge my few remaining sports franchises.

I hope the Bears destroy the Vikings. I just wouldn’t bet on it. If they win today it will more than likely be because of the defense and special teams.

Enjoy the playoffs.

Bear Down Chicago Bears,

Put up a fight with a might so fearlessely,

You shouldn’t forget they way you thrilled the nation,

With a bad ass defense and running game,

Just sayin,



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