Six months in

For those that have been keeping up with my campaign it’s been roughly 6 months since I declared to run for office back in late June. A sign of that progress is people do ask me how my campaign is going.

Now, most of these people are my friends, family, and neighbors. But believe it or not I have had a score or two, 20-40, people contact me directly through social media because they saw me on the street. 100’s more have visited my website. Like I said, progress.

I’m actively campaigning throughout the district. I’ve got some library time scheduled throughout the winter all over the 5th and this spring my signs and I, as well as my family, will be all over the cities, towns, villages, county, state, and national parks. Not to mention the country roads. Check back for details. This weekend I know I’ll be in Alexandria, Anderson, and possibly Pendelton.

I don’t know if there will be enough time

Marketing with no budget is a bit of a struggle but i’m making some in roads there as well. The biggest development really is Pints and Politics. I’ve got 4 candidates, myself included, that have agreed to it. I also have 3 breweries committed to hosting. I’ve invited every candidate to attend. I have asked a dozen local reporters to moderate but no one wants to commit. You know anyone? I might have one other person in mind.

Having a full time job, and doing anything else, is a struggle. Yet, I put one foot in front of the other and I continue moving forward. The initial filing date to be a write in candidate is January 8th and ends in early July.

The Libertarians have said they are interested in meeting with me to discuss my candidacy. Earning their, or any other party nomination, would be the best case scenario for anyone who is, or would be, interested in casting a vote for me in the fall. They all have ballot access. Primaries are in May so I still have time to get on the actual ballot.

Stay tuned on those developments.

I want to earn your vote

The biggest struggle is just getting my voice out there. Electronically I’m not sure I can be any louder. On the street I’m only one voice. Most people I talk to are open and excited about what I’m doing. Most say, for a variety of reasons, that I have earned there vote and that always feels good. However, I always follow up by saying I still want to earn it and to tell your friends.

The most difficult is self promotion. It’s almost impossible through traditional media. That’s what has brought me to social media this past summer. But I have, and will continue hounding all paper, print, digital, or hi fi media outlets to take me seriously. The lack of serious interest from all news outlets has been disappointing. I think this is a great story. Kinda why I’m telling it myself. The Current, to there credit, and as a result of my pestering, have begun to include me in their articles about the fifth.

Thank You

Current Publishing

I get it. I’m sure many have claimed or threatened to do what I am attempting to do. But, they weren’t me.

I’m the guy with the sign(s)

and some time

I’m looking forward to the next 10 months of campaigning. More importantly I look forward to being an Independent Voice for Indiana for the rest of my life.


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