We’re falling behind

As a state we should not be consistently falling behind in many treatable, fixable, and fundable categories.




bottom 5

Out of 52 sometimes

Yeah, sometimes those list are out of fifty two. Not that adding Puerto Rico or any Polynesian Island make it any better for my home state. Environment, Education, and Equality. If you do your own research sure you can find which of those numbers go with these categories.

Mental Health




Overall quality of life

Yes, financially we are good. We do have a huge surplus in money. That’s probably the only reason why we are not an overall bottom 10 state. But, 33 out of 50 is still to low for me. Especially when we are an agricultural giant that continues to be handcuffed by government regulation and bureaucracy that has routinely underutilized, undervalued, and undersold it’s very own workforce. Farmers included.

33rd Overall

6th Financial Stability

Because of those two factors I think this state should be open to new taxable markets and use those taxes to fund education specifically. This state should be at the forefront of not just cultivation, but innovation, production, education, and tax collection from the new crop in town. Whatever you want to call it:



It’s fibers, it’s flowers, it’s THC and it’s CBD.

It’s natural state. It’s supersonic oils. It’s lotions and it’s potions.

Whatever it is. It is a market in its very infancy. There has always been more than corn in Indiana. We are an agricultural state. We have infrastructure wanting to be used. We have a workforce waiting to be used. It’s a completely new taxable income and we can determine where it gets earmarked. Yes, I think our state should get into the drug business.

We should give our farmers, entrepreneurs, and workforce a chance at profiting and leading the next agricultural revolution. At the very least I would like for Indiana to rival the independent growers in Caulcanistan and multinational conglomerates like PharmaCielo in all hemp markets. It’s a big idea but the conversation needs to be begin in our state quickly.

Look em up
Cauca Mountains

We still have a chance to continue our 203 year history as agricultural rich, frontier state, leading the charge. Not playing catch up as we have seemingly my entire life.

Look it up

Right here in Indiana.

Honest to goodness Indiana.

I don’t understand the problem.

I don’t condone our inaction to education, equality, and the environment.

I don’t accept raising a family on the bottom of the lists.

Embrace our history as an Ag state.

Not an…. (insert joke here) state.

I honestly think this could help our state,

and the nation.

That’s one of the reasons why I’m running.


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