On Health and Care

Health care in America is a right, not a privilege.

Health care in America is not equitable.

Indiana is at the bottom of a lot of list when it comes to health, education, and the environment. Shockingly, our maternal mortality rate is the 3rd highest in the nation. The state of Indiana also has the dubious distinction of being in the top 10 of infant mortality rate. This has to change especially in our urban and rural areas.

According to the latest America’s Health Rankings Report from the United Health Foundation, Indiana ranks 38th in health overall. Some of the lowest health rankings in Indiana include:

  • smoking (41st place)
  • obesity (40th place)
  • infant mortality (42nd place)
  • diabetes (37th)
  • air pollution (46th place)

Politicians can’t force people to stop smoking. Politicians can’t force you to lose weight. Politicians can help overall health by demanding a cleaner environment, eliminating food deserts, and working with public and private ventures to provide healthier food options to those in need. I truly believe politicians can help provide better health care to our most vulnerable populations. I’m tired of Indiana being at the bottom of so many list as it pertains to physical, mental, emotional, and environmental health. I refuse to sit back any longer and watch Indiana fall behind in so many crucial areas of health.

How do I plan on fixing this?

By continuing to talk with our medical professionals to better understand unnecessary hurdles that make their job more cumbersome and less efficient. First, allow our doctors to improve the overall flow of their offices to increase efficiency. Next, work with EMR system providers to remove redundancies and streamline patient care.

As an elected representative to Congress I would work to lessen the bureaucratic stranglehold levied on our healthcare professionals by the insurance companies that limit time with patients, seem complacent at best, complicit at worst with computer issues, and setting up road blocks to patient care as opposed to allowing our doctors and nurses to do no harm.

If elected I will work to ensure coverage for our most vulnerable, provide adequate coverage for all, increase accessibility to preventative care, dedicate all conversations with the medical industry to the lowering of prescription drug prices, and commit to lowering healthcare cost in general for all. By working with all members of Congress for what’s best for all of US not just what has been business as usual for our Health Care Industry.

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