I’ll make it right for you

It’s amazing when a song can encapsulate and embody so much of you

Dear Stella and Geri,

Long before you were born I lived my life as if every decision I made would effect you.

When your mother and I welcomed you into our world you shifted the center of my thoughts.

I thought I knew what love was. I thought I was strong and resolute but I was literally nothing before you.

You two have once again opened my eyes to the wonderment of our world and the man made absurdities of our country.

That’s why I’ve dedicated every day to you

Most parents feel that way, at least I hope they did at some point.

I can’t believe how much you two have grown over these last four plus years.

I never felt compelled to really fight for anything before you two knocked me out that first time we,

looked at each other,

smiled together,

held each other,

laughed together,

Political life was never quite my style

But as I look around at what our country has become I feel compelled to at least try and make it right for you two.

I can’t believe how much we haven’t grown as a nation over the last two hundred and forty four plus years. I refuse to just sit here and hope for the changes that I have wanted in this world even before you two and now demand of it for you two.

There is so much more inside me now

Because of the women in life I am the man I am right now.

You two, your mom, my mom, and my grandma have given me the moral foundation to stand up against our political norms to create a more just, equal, honest, and open world for all humankind. That is the world I want to leave behind for you.

I swear that,

I’ll be around for you.

I’ll do everything I can to make it right for you.

I’ll bleed and fight for all of you.

This day and everyday for all of US,

This has nothing to do with pride

It has nothing to do with power. This letter has everything to do with how this song makes your mom feel about me and our shared love and hopes for the two of you.

K dot Tuck


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