Not going quietly, September 6th

You can’t possibly know how difficult this is

This week brought with it some sad truths about our political world. In general most people are exhausted with politics. Can you blame them? Whether that is good or bad for me I’m not sure, yet. Also, this week it is undeniable third party candidate are treated as lepers in political circles; avoided, made to feel inferior, denied access to debate stages, and not treated equally by the media or other supposed news agencies.

Even worse this week and on a more personal note the Element may not be invincible. It was in the shop for the beginning of the week with some transmission issues. As the world works the mechanic couldn’t diagnosis any transmission issues but they did notice some other structural issues that needed mending.

One good thing about being down a vehicles was that it led me to the phones on Wednesday. I spent the better part of Wednesday afternoon on the phones cold calling people from an old phone book I found. The numbers were from the north side of Indianapolis and Hamilton County.

You have my vote

That is why I know most people are not really paying attention. I called a total of 57 numbers. I left 30 voicemails. 16 people picked up. Two knew who our current representative was and five could name one person on current ballot. None of which identified me. However, since I called them they said they would vote for me. I guess there is a silver lining in there somewhere.

You’re going to screw up the election for the (insert party here)

I have been receiving emails and messages through Facebook and Twitter asking that I end my campaign because I’m screwing up the election for either side. I’ve also been asked to do the right thing and support either of my opponents for the sanctity of our election. I feel I am doing the right thing by trying to shed some light on our election process and be the voice for the voiceless in our government.

I’ve been told by an associate with the Indiana Town Halls Organization that they are uninterested in having all the candidates on the ballot on the stage. Apparently I’m not polling well enough. Which leads me to this question, have you ever been polled before? I haven’t. I tried to tell them the information my own polling data from my day on the phones, but they didn’t think that was funny, relevant, or proof of my support. I gave this associate even more anecdotal numbers from my time on the road. Needless to say I’m not holding my breath to be included. But, I’m not going away quietly either.

I don’t make it a habit of agreeing with this President….

As a man I find Donald Trump reprehensible. People like him are more the reason why we are where we are in this country as opposed to the so called savior of the Republic. I still can’t believe he’s actually our President. Most of the things that he says I’ve never really accepted as truth. Because, well they just aren’t most of the time. You gotta hand it to political scientists of the world. They know how to win an electoral college. That’s part of the election process data manipulation. However, in my race it comes down to the popular vote. One person equals one vote. They can silence me but don’t let them steal your vote.

Don’t let them steal your vote

However, in terms of 45’s beliefs that the system is rigged and fake news I’m starting to agree with him. I can’t for the life of me understand why the Indy Star, The Anderson Herald Bulletin, The Tipton County Tribune, The Marion Chronicle, and or the Kokomo Tribune refuse to give me equal coverage. If anything I think what I’ve done and how I’m doing it is the story of this particular race. But admittedly that’s a biased view point.

That’s why I am really upset with the Indiana Town Halls Organization decision to refuse to allow me on the debate stage with the other two candidates for Indiana’s 5th Congressional District. How in the world are the voters going to make an informed decision on who they should vote for from a debate that doesn’t include all the candidates on the ballot? Seems rigged to me.

Like my grandfather always said,

I won’t tell anyone what to do with their time or money


Most, if not all elections are bought not earned. I understand I’m at a disadvantage when it comes to money and honestly I am ok with that. I actually love that about my campaign. I’m running for the people of the 5th. Not a party. Not a PAC. Or a small group of wealthy powerful donors. Every time I see a commercial on TV, hear an ad on the radio, see an ad online, or drive past one of the numerous signs littering every open space from either of the other candidates I actually kind of laugh. Especially when I’m driving with my sign atop the Element. I’ll never take issue with that.

However, the role of the media is to inform the electorate not silence one candidate while propping up another/others. Unless it’s cable news. Then, you get what you pay for, literally.

I promise to you I am not going away quietly. As I drove around Tipton, Pike, Nora, Castelton, Broad Ripple, Meridian Kessler, Carmel, Westfield, and Noblesville this past week I see it in peoples faces when they smile back, return a wave, or a thumbs up. I see it in their eyes when they look curiously at me when we share a moment. I read it in their emails. I hear it in their voices, in their honks, and in their shouts. I see it in the increased numbers to my website from general search engines. Or from Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram referrals. I see myself in all those yards and business that don’t have a political sign. I’ve got two months to make this work and I promise to give it my all for all of US.

The most unfair thing about this week was the Element. Ironically enough on Friday as I was cruising around the southern part of the district I was stopped at 82nd and Bash. A block away from where the Element stayed a few nights earlier in the week. Everything had been running smoothly up until that point. As I accelerated through the intersection Bam! that old familiar slamming into 2nd gear. The world is not fair. Neither are our electoral and political systems.

I apologize for the pessimistic tone this week but it seems the world is against me in a few areas.

Thanks as always for reading,


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