Let me first say this is not how I wanted to include WFYI and PBS in my campaign. I have made repeated attempts to contact them over the phone, repeatedly through email, and excedingly through direct messaging on Twitter and Facebook to personalities and shows associated with WFYI and PBS.

I’ve gotten one message back that was earlier today from PBS,

You can see my latest correspondence to WFYI on the bottom.

Here is the response I got yesterday from an associate with Indiana Town Halls about how a candidate on the ballot could be left out of any conversation concerning that particular election.

If you’re reading this far I figure you may want to read my email to this. Enjoy,

If you’re still reading. Thank you. Please look around the website for more info about this and all the other hurdles, ideas, and things I’ve been up to to earn your vote, not buy it.

I really want equality,

For all of thee,

Everywhere, all the time, isn’t that what all this is supposed to be?


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