Antitrust exclusion claim


Ken Tucker.

Human, Voter, and Libertarian Candidate for Indiana’s 5th Congressional District, being of sound mind and body, declare a formal antitrust exclusion claim against PBS, WFYI, and the Indiana Town Hall Organization.

I file these claims in the court of public opinion from my kitchen table located in the City of Westfield, in the State of Indiana, This the 9th day of September in the year 2020.

I submit this as evidence to support my claim.

I am acting as my own legal counsel during these proceedings.

I ask to either a) be included in any and all public forums as it relates to public comment and discourse as it pertains to this years Indiana’s 5th Congressional District Race or b) The Hale/Spartz Town Hall hosted by WFYI and Indiana Town Halls scheduled for Tuesday, September 8th be cancelled altogether.



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