On Guns

First, let me just say I support the Second Amendment.

However, we have a gun problem in this country

It’s time to admit that we have a gun problem here in America and I want to fix it.

“Out of my cold dead hands”

No way Moses,

or any of those other guys

would vote straight ticket Republican.

I think it is the responsibility of any publicly elected official to protect it’s citizens. I think it’s the job of local authorities to enforce laws. I support the Jake Laird Act. It’s the only piece of legislation that my current representative has proposed during her eight years in Congress that to me has any real consequence to me. Sadly, even that current piece of legislation can not get enough support to become law.

Moving forward I support universal background checks for all gun sales and ending gun show and/or internet loopholes that do not currently require any background checks.

I would also like to require a safety, maintenance, and skills assessment course be taken in conjunction with the aforementioned background check before permits are issued for any multi fire handgun, rifle, or rpg allowed to sale to the public.

Who shouldn’t be allowed to own guns?

If you have ever been convicted of a violent crime, have a history of extreme emotional disability, or other mental health histories that involve extreme shifts in mood and temper you should not be able to posses a firearm.

I think that is just Common Sense and all responsible gun owners in my family, as well as my friends, and the vast majority of the complete strangers I have spoken in person, and online about this topic agree with me on this issue.

An endorsement I am proud of


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