If I ruled the world

Imagine that

If I ruled the world,

Everyone would be equal. Irregardless of who your parents are. Where you were born, your gender, your race, your creed, your sexual orientation, your religious beliefs.

If I ruled the world,

Every child would not want. Every child would have a proper education.

If I ruled the world,

Money, would not buy power. Financial contributions would not buy access and influence politics.

If I ruled the world,

There would be a distinct separation of Church and State.

If I ruled the world,

Freedom would ring.

I think I would be a fair and just ruler.

Absolute power,

Corrupts absolutely

Just to be clear I do not support any type of autocracy or monarchy. Not do I want to rule the world. I believe in a representative democracy.

On paper America was designed to be a Democratic Republic. There is a difference

We are in all honesty,

an oligarchy,

living in a duopoly,

inside the constraints of a constitutional republic.

Bored yet?

What i’m getting at

The most candidates on any given ballot for any given race in this country is three.

For most voters it’s two. So, at best we are a duopoly. For some voters you only have one person on your ballot. One thing for sure any and all third party candidates are at a distinct advantage in our current system of election.

I’d free all my sons,

I love ’em love ’em baby

Imagine that. Livin for today in these last days of my campaign. All candidates on a ballot would have access to the debate stage. The media would equally cover all candidates, the news could be trusted and not a local tabloid that sensationalizes a few stories, waste our time with false reporting, and not to mention the highly inaccurate weather forecasts.

No welfare supporters,

more conscious of the way we raise our daughters

Black diamonds and pearls. It’s a hand up not a hand out. All that need would have. No child would be left behind and no old timer left to fend for themselves at the end.

Imagine smoking weed in the streets,

without cops harassin’

Could it be?

We walk right up to the sun hand in hand and the money rollin in from the thing some love to roll up benefit all in our society by the way of education and transportation,

not just corporate greed.

Better place to raise kids in

Is basically what I’m trying to move us towards as a politician.

Political prisoner set free,

Stress free

Life as a third party candidate has many advantages. For me I have no handlers. This campaign has in a way set me free as a politically minded person. I speak truth to power in hopes of creating a new way to be, to live more harmoniously, within these systems set forth to govern thee by our forefathers.

Better find out,

Before times out,

What the *uck


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