August 30th, Bad Mixes

The road for IN05 this week took me through Cicero, Arcadia, Atlanta, Westfield, Carmel, Hartford City, and Geist. It also gave me my favorite picture from the road thus far:

I’ll never forget how lucky we are

As always the People I speak with on a daily basis are supportive of my campaign. The other two candidates, the media, other organizations, and businesses large and small that I’m trying to speak with continue to ignore me. It’s a good thing we all have an equal vote and that the Hamilton County League of Women Voters has invited me to the Candidate Forum on Monday, September 28th. It will be hosted by the Carmel Library and will be held virtually on Zoom. I’ll keep you updated and provide any links as I receive them.

Sometimes we have to admit bad mixes:

Republicans and Democrats

My goodness it’s no wonder nothing gets done in Washington. Did anyone watch the last two weeks of Conventions? I didn’t. I used to. As a kid it was the hats that got my attention. As a teenager I found myself intrigued by the selection of speakers, and what they were all trying to sell me. This year, thanks to the Corona Pandemic the conventions looked and felt like those propaganda videos we’ve seen from other countries like China and North Korea.

I watched brief recaps each morning after. Hearing Mike Pence makes me physically ill. Seeing him is even worse. My take on the last two weeks, the Democrats seem anxious while the Republicans seem strangely confident. Either way the picture both sides have painted is that it’s all or nothing as it pertains to partisan politics. Pandering to the base, extreme hyperbolic rhetoric, the systematic dragging out and parading around of people who look like you to tell you to vote way isn’t new. It’s both sides. Its not right. Each election is the most important. But this is what we have allowed to happen. That’s why we need another option. Or at the very least why any candidate on the ballot aka any Libertarian should be given equal coverage by the media.

sports and politics

Sports are a stage unto themselves. The thrill of victory and the agony of defeat have always brought people together and divided them. Such a grand stage has always been a place to promote social justice. From the Roman Colosseum to Ebbets Field and to today. Whether it’s sand, clay, grass, wood, water, mud, ice, or the the ground up rubber and synthetic nylon, polypropylene or polyethylene field turf of today. A pitch, a court, a diamond, the gridiron, the hardwood, a track, a rink, or a pool. The world is a stage.

When you mix in politics you always get mixed reactions but it is a public space for public dialogue. Learning more about Lou Holtz’s politics I almost want to take down my 1988 Fighting Irish National Championship banner. I wonder what Raghib Ismail or Tony Rice would have to say about him today? Me, I feel let down. First, he endorsed another candidate here in the 5th without even speaking with me about my candidacy. Truth be told I doubt he has ever spoken to her either. I always thought Coach Holtz was a strong leader. An inspiring figure. Now, at least as far as Lou is concerned he seems to be toeing the party line which makes me cringe especially when I look at this last relic from my childhood.

Church and State

I always have and always will stand for the pledge. If someone kneeled next to me in protest or in prayer I would hold their hand. Over the last ten years I have omitted the phrase “under god” when saying the pledge. Did you know it was added in 1954? A year later In God We Trust was added to our currency. Seems like a step in the wrong direction to me. The first settlers to inhabit this land knew the dangers of state sponsored religion. We were founded as one nation indivisible. See what has happened since we interjected God? Much like we have never had a national language we should not have a national religion. Technically we don’t but God is everywhere. It doesn’t include all of US so it shouldn’t define all of US.

Boring spouses and criminals

Note to self: a block away from a county courthouse is not far enough to avoid getting caught up in the wake of domestic disputes and/or other matters of judicial discord.

While filming across from the Blackford County Courthouse on Thursday I was ten feet away from a couple arguing over who would go into the courthouse and pay the fine levied against one of them. A few expletives and a loud door slam later one of them entered the courthouse.

Thirty minutes later, a block away, and around a corner I found an empty parking lot and some shade to assemble my sign. The peaceful breeze, shade, and bird songs were soon disrupted by an argument taking place down the alley. The volume and tenacity of the argument only grew as the voices drew nearer. I was perched a top my ladder with one foot on the roof of the van having my own issues when a younger man appeared, looked towards me and yelled at me,

“do you like * ?!?

He then stated,

“If you do I got one for ya!”

“You can have her!”

“She’s a boring *!”

I couldn’t figure out if it was rhetorical question or not. I smiled and said,

“If we are lucky we all have one but my dog is by no means boring.”

He didn’t connect with my deescalation technique. He looked at me like I was crazy and kept walking. I never saw the other person. I wonder what happened to them.

* curse/slur that means female dogs

Mudvayne and Van Morrison

On my way up to Hartford City I stumbled across an old mix cd of mine entitled “Everything Mix” boy was it. It runs through basically every genre of music I have ever enjoyed. Which is every genre imaginable. The only real issue was the abrupt transition from Mudvayne’s Determined to Van Morrison’s I’m in Heaven When You Smile. To go from speed/death metal to an accoustic Van almost gave me a heart attack. The rest of the CD actually worked really well. It has some scratches and appears to be burnt by the sun. It didn’t want to play but I spit on it, rubbed it, and it miraculously played half the songs in their entirety. Something I should probably apply to my run for Congress.

The Tucker Bus and my sign

The Element is going through some transmission issues so I made the switch to the Tucker Bus. Our family ride. The Honda Odyssey. It doesn’t feel right. It isn’t as functional. It defies logic but it’s actually more difficult to utilize for the campaign. But, the transmission doesn’t slam into 2nd gear, lag coming out of rolling stops, or sometimes inadvertently chirp the tires while accelerating taking right hand turns. But, my worry of being stranded somewhere far way from home is a lot less : ^ )

As always thanks for reading,


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