The cure for polarization?


I’m not talking about nationalism, isolationism, or socialism. I’m talking about doing what is best for all of us. Our trials as a nation, as a state, in our cities, around our towns, and on our streets are best dealt with from the ground up.

The healing process starts at home. Everything starts in our homes. Love, hate, discontent, pride, et al. At least that is what I have come to find out during my time on this planet.

Honestly, how’s your house?

How’s yours might be the response from some?


Honestly, it’s great.

What about your immediate surroundings? From where I frequently gaze my front and back porch things look good enough. You wouldn’t think your in Hamilton County but alas I am.

So now I look around town. How are things here in Westfield? Generally speaking above average but not without our own issues in terms of feasibility, responsibility, and sustainability.

As I drive around the district it amazes me how different our population centers are in terms of overall feeling, health, employment, needs, and daily life. The needs for those in Hamilton County are not the needs for those in Hartford City. Anderson and Marion may need the same thing while Elwood, Tipton, and Alexandria may need something completely different than Zionsville.

Now lets turn our attention to our state. That’s where all the “progress” we’ve made over the last 20 or so years comes to a screeching halt for me. Educationally? Environmentally? Equality? We’ve got some issues I’d like to address. I see Indiana at the bottom of to many list in those areas of life. Which boggles my mind considering these are all self inflicted, mostly man made problems that should have been addressed by now.

Localization is the cure for polarization

During my travels and conversations with the people of the 5th it amazes me how much we are a like. Irregardless of gender, race, or faith we all love. We all have lost. We all care. We all want to make a difference. We all feel voiceless in government that is ruled by money and corporate interest. We worry about the future. We want to leave this world a better place for our children but we don’t know how.

That’s where I’d like to step in. Our Congressional Representative is our most local connection to our Federal Government. I believe I can best serve all of us as our representative and by proxy our Indiana home. Maybe it’s just me but when I look at the current Indiana representation I don’t see or hear myself. Which says a lot coming from a 40 year old white guy. But, for those that know me know that I’m by no means normal : ^ ) ~

I’ve never heard one rendition of this song I liked
Until now

70 days or so out of this years election I’m still largely ignored by the media and completely ignored by the other two candidates. I want to be involved in the conversations that move our district, our state, and our country forward. Over the next few years I’d like to lend my voice, as the voice from Indiana’s 5th Congressional District in hopes that common sense and following the golden rule can still win out over the bitter partisan divide that seems to be more about maintaining statue quo then healing the soul of the country we all love.

Consider it a victory lap for humanism. After the 2020 Census. This district and all the others will never be the same. So, I say to you IN05 lets send one of us to be our voice in the conversation.

Think globally

Act locally

It’s not new


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