A year later

Yesterday, after posting my weekly road journal Geri and I were looking through the where I’ve been tab when I noticed that this weekend marks a full year of my jump into the political world. First, I’d like to say thank you to Missy for supporting this dream I have. The only regret I have about this decison is that it has taken me away from the three most important people in my life. If it weren’t for COVID it could have been a ton of fun sharing the road with you, but alas that was not in the cards this year. Maybe next time : ^ ) ~

Next, I’d like to thank all my family, friends, neighbors, and strangers that have shared my words, and for all their encouragement over this last year. It’s hard to believe it’s already been 12 months. Close to 52 weekends on the road. 367 days and counting of my life in hopes to bring some common sense to a political world that seems to have lost it’s way. 70 days remaining. Seems simple in retrospect.

What else can I do?

Did I maximize today?

What can I do tomorrow?

Is this crazy?

Can this work?

There have been a lot of ups and downs. Plenty of sleepless nights lost between my own two ears filled with the questions like the ones above. Listening to that voice in my head. I liken this job in many ways to my time as a teacher. I’m constantly thinking about what is coming up, how I could be better, constantly tweaking the delivery, and thinking about what is best.

This isn’t about me.

It’s about US.

We The People.

I didn’t jump into this blindly. I figured neither major political party would be interested in a ordinary person like me trying to do something extraordinary like this. Especially for free. I was right. The loudest part of any campaign is money. That being said, each vote holds power. Don’t let anyone, any party, or any PAC steal your vote. Most money comes from out of state. You’re phone numbers are for sale at a price of $5K.


$1.6 Billion

Unless my math is off

Which, when you consider that between the other two candidates have both brought in over a million dollars a piece. Nearly 1.5 million for one and 1.3 for the other as of 6/30 anyway. I would assume they are both near the 2 million mark by now. 435 seats. 2 major party candidates in both races 870 candidates times 2 million. What is that like a 1.6 billion dollars just for Congress. How much for senate and/or the Presidency? I wonder what we could do with that money to actually better our society?

Ballot access is an issue for this state. Thankfully, I have found a merry band of like minded misfits in the Libertarian Party and I earned their nomination. The LPIN has ballot access here in Indiana. Getting on the ballot was always #1 on my to do list. Especially considering what has happened with all this Corona/COVID stuff which would have made my independent campaign to gather 6,340 signatures actually impossible as opposed to just improbable from the start. Now I’m one of three people all of the 5th District will see on the ballot this Fall.

Now the work starts,

Being a Libertarian won’t open as many doors as you think.

You won’t be invited anywhere, the local newspapers, radio, and tv won’t cover you.

Plus, you wont be asked to participate in debates.

Your on the ballot but it’s still a long shot.

Multiple Libertarians after I earned the nomination in March

Good thing I’m stubborn enough to use that as motivation. All the above has proven to be true. But, I have kept my head held high, stuck to the facts, refused to be ignored, not sold myself out, and have demanded an equal share of media attention. It hasn’t been equal but at least now almost all media outlets, albeit in passing, mention me as the Libertarian Candidate when speaking about this particular election. Now, it is truly is up to the people.

More of the same,

Or something truly unique?

Everyone I have spoken with over this last year have agreed on a few things. First, this is crazy. Second, they appreciate what I’m doing. Finally, and most importantly more often than not they say they will vote for me. Some of the most staunch Republicans and loyal Democrats have stated that they will vote for me. Most the times I earned their vote just by having a conversation with them. Some are voting for me out of protest against their party. Others, just because they are tired of the same old same old in politics.

Know this, I appreciate all of your time and would love to speak with all of you before the election. I promise to be your voice in Washington. A true voice of the people, not a party, a PAC, or any groups like that. If we can get money out of politics than maybe just maybe we can get government to work for US and not America INC.

I’ve been everywhere

I don’t think I could have done anything more to try to market and sell myself to the voters of this district. Lucky for me there are still 70 days left. I hope that over these last few weeks before the end of this election cycle that the other two candidates, or someone affiliated with their teams/party, finally acknowledge my existence as a human being and return my numerous inquiries about participating in some type of debate series throughout the district.

Thanks as always for reading.

Spread the word.

Join the tribe.

For IN05.


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