August, 21 Crusin

The thing I enjoy most about the summer is crusin. You know,

Roll the windows down,

Turn the music up,

And drive.

Really it’s 12 months out of the year

This week my campaign got even more retro with the addition of my homemade car top sign. With some help from my friends Brock and Kenny I have safely and securely made the Element an even more integral part of my campaign.


Don’t worry. I keep it on the surface streets. No highways. But, it packs up really nicely inside the element and will allow me to drive through every city, town, neighborhood, main street, etc in the 5th District to spread the word about my campaign. This week I rolled through parts of Westfield, Carmel, and Indianapolis.

Who we elect,

What we expect

Saturday I made another trip up to Grant County. I began the day at Gas City Park where I gave a speech about who we elect, what we should expect from our elected officials, and government transparency. Then, I assembled my new sign and rolled through most of Gas City and Jonesboro. Then, I took the back roads up to Marion. Each and every time I leave my own little corner of the district I learn more about the people I will be representing. From what I can tell I’m the only candidate actually trying to earn your vote.

It’s interesting introducing my daughters to different parts of their mom and dad. We’ve introduced them to our cruises and in a sense hip hop. Geri is like I was as a kid she loves the beats, rhythms, and chorus. Stella’s more like me as a teenager it’s all about the lyrics. I try to keep it as clean as I can. The videos via youtube are still off limits. They are four after all. But, I am who I am. Ice Cube was the first person in my child’s life that they ever heard utter the “n” word. I guess that’s progress in terms of race relations. Hopefully, our kids don’t see color. Or at the very least don’t associate color with all the things previous generations have. At least that is my hope.

Not be judged by the color of their skin,

But by the content of their character

Martin Luther King Jr.

This week I spoke with the all the major media outlets once again about my campaign, requested to be taken seriously, or at the very least granted equal coverage as the other candidates vying for the 5th. If you happen to see any article in print or on the free air waves covering this race could you let me know.

Some sad news my first Peace Rally scheduled for next week has been cancelled. I hope the second one in October will be able to happen. Common Sense, CDC and local guidelines/mandates being what they are tell me that is the right thing to do. But, I’ll keep on keepin on until November.

I learned on Friday that I was given the Moms Demand Action Guns Sense Candidate distinction. This, as they said in their email, is not an endorsement. Of course it isn’t those are bought and sold.

Instead, it is a signal to our supporters, volunteers and voters across the country that a candidate stands for gun violence prevention and will govern with gun safety in mind, if elected.  Please note, multiple candidates in a race can receive the distinction.  

Moms Demand Action is part of Everytown for Gun Safety, and is the nation’s largest grassroots volunteer network working to end gun violence in America. With nearly six million supporters and volunteer chapters in every state, Moms Demand Action campaigns for new and stronger solutions to lax gun laws and loopholes that jeopardize the safety of our families.

Hope to see you or you see me soon crusin’ through your neighborhood.

Thanks as always for reading,


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