Government transparency

Our elected representatives are not working for US.

I feel

The day and age of secret meetings, back room handshakes, quid pro quo agreements, and the wealthy puppeteering our political and economic world through lobbyist and campaign donations needs to end to truly set US free.

I’m sick of assuming how governing happens

I believe in full transparency from all levels of government. My promise to everyone in Indiana’s 5th Congressional district is full and complete transparency. During my time as your representative I promise to provide daily updates through all forms of social media as well as a weekly commentary on my website.

If you look back at my website this year, I promise more of the same transparency.


Who I’m meeting with.


What I’m meeting about.


Where I’m meeting.


How I plan on building upon those meeting and getting things done for all of US.

Then and only then I believe the American people will truly understand how the sausage gets made all in the hope of allowing the people back into governance.

The gentlemen cartoonist

All in an attempt to earn and keep your vote,

not buy it.


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