August 8th, One angry teacher

Call me crazy but this movement is catching on.

The people of Whitestown, Sheridan, Anderson, Fishers, Tipton, Elwood, and Alexandria warmed my heart and brought a smile to my face with every honk, holler, and thumbs up aimed back at me along the many roadsides this week.

Filming of my campaign documentary officially began Saturday at Callaway Park in Elwood with my first stump speech. If you’re interested in being apart of this documentary my open offers still stands to anyone in the district.

I had my first radio interview on Thursday with WHBU out of Anderson/Daleville.

To me that is a pretty big deal for my grassroots campaign for Congress here in Indiana’s 5th District. The free airwaves will play a role in this election. I have been denied access to the radio and tv waves up until that moment. I had a great time and I think everyone in the studio did as well. If you would like to hear my chat with Mitch it’s not easy to find online but here is the link and some further directions:

1. Upper left hand corner tap listen live.

2. Upper left hand corner tap this

3. Then go to replay any hour scroll down to first 8/13 file I’m on at the 50 minute mark.

Let me state clearly,

I support the full legalization of marijuana in this state and across the nation.

At the very least I support any legislative act that would increase the allowable THC from 0.3% to at least 1% for fibrous hemp production. Why, because that is the number those involved with the production of hemp have stated as a suitable threshold requirement.

I do not support legalizing any other drugs at this time. Baby steps people or this is just never going to happen.

Then my Thursday took a turn

After returning home and having lunch I finally received an email from I-PACE. For those unaware I-PACE is the political arm of the Indiana State Teachers Association. I had met with them a few weeks back looking to earn their endorsement.

Dear Ken:

Thank you for completing and interviewing with Unit 12 PAC. Our members really enjoyed their conversation with you at your interview.

After much consideration, Unit 12 PAC chose not to endorse your candidacy for Congressional District 5.

Please contact should you have any questions.

Cynthia Kendall

If you’re like me you might be wondering why Cynthia gave me bslayton’s email address if I had any questions. Needless to say I was not happy so I called Ms. Kendall first and left a message. Then, I sent this email to bslayton.

Subject: Requesting an explanation

In response to the above email


To say that I’m a little bit flabbergasted with the Unit 12 PAC’s decision might be the understatement of the year. In a year full of surprising events.

You claim to want teachers in politics, then you don’t support one.

You claim to be fighting for teachers, then you don’t fight alongside one. 

If anyone knows how much the Republican supermajority in Indiana has taken “US” for granted for nearly the last two decades here in Indiana, it’s a teacher like me. 

I have repeatedly answered the bell to march alongside the ISTA in defense of a profession that I love. I have answered the call to action days, lobbying my lawmakers, calling my lawmakers, recruiting new members, spreading the gospel of how the ISTA is our only voice in a state gone mad. Then, you can’t even support my candidacy to fight for “US” on albeit a grand stage. I don’t get it. 

Politics is a dirty business but I guess you all already know that. 

I thought the low part of my campaign was when multiple members of the Indiana Democratic Party informed me that if I was, “unable to self finance, had no rich friends, and was unwilling to beg, steal, or borrow from my family, friends, neighbors, not to mention complete strangers online, in person, or on the street for money that there was no way of earning their nomination”. 

Then, it was when Congresswoman Brooks turn to surprise me when she wouldn’t sign my petition to get on the ballot for November as an Independent Candidate. I had voted for her every time she was on the ballot. I didn’t think it would be a big ask. But she stated, “As a member of the Republican Party could not in good faith sign my petition”. Then, she proceeded to insinuate that my salary as a member of Congress would not be enough to maintain a residence anywhere near the Capitol and Westfield.

So, being a teacher I got creative and landed a spot on the Libertarian Party of Indiana. Why? Because I’m a teacher that is what we do and education is important to me. 

Now this. 


My initial campaign promise is full transparency.

Good and bad.

This hurts in a way I have never experienced before. On a personal, professional, and political level I hoped that endorsements were earned. Come to find out much like everything else in politics they are just bought. Although, deep down inside I knew this was probably the case. But I was hoping that the ISTA would back me. Needless to say, I have yet to hear back from Ms. Slayton or Kendall.

I did hear back from another member of the ISTA not affiliated with the endorsement decision. I pushed for an explanation and was told it was due to the financial feasibility of my campaign competing in a race of this level. At that moment my fuckin head exploded and I wish I had recorded the conversation. For those of you who know me, I’m sure you can imagine the rest. If you can’t please listen to one of my favorite strong emotion song.

Don’t give me that bullshit

Best played loudly. One Angry teacher and 40,000 solemn members of the ISTA

Since purchasing Ben Folds’ “Whatever and ever amen” back in 1997 this song has helped me process my feelings of a person, people, or groups of people not taking me seriously. As I’ve stated before, and I think has become apparent to anyone interested in me words and music help me process the world.

Kiss my ass ISTA

This latest setback only strengthens my resolve that what I’m attempting to do here is the only way to bring real change to our little part of the country. For all current and former teachers know that I am the real voice of Public Education here in Indiana. I intend on fulfilling the promises I have made to you going back to even before this campaign. I hope to win your individual endorsements and support for my campaign.

One angry teacher and 40,000 solemn members of the ISTA

The plan is to still fight a good fight, for free. No matter what the political world thinks.

They can buy endorsements,

Don’t let either side steal your vote


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