A year to remember

I hope that’s kind of the theme around these parts a year from now. Lets make a statement to our Nation that we refuse to just continue to play politics as usual at least in the 5th Congressional District in Indiana.

I’m not joking. Please add “conscious voter” to your New Years’ list.

Here’s my list:

Be a better person

Get elected to Congress

Stay below 230 but closer to 220 on the scale

Get better at braiding my daughters hair

My Resolutions

Whether I’m referring to myself as a husband, father, son, brother, friend, neighbor, or at the very least a human being. I think striving to be a better person is a good start for anyone.

For the second one. That’s a little tricky. Get elected to Congress. Not just that but in Indiana. Even better yet, as an Independent.

So how do I do that? Well, continue a grass roots political revolution in Central Indiana. Keep moving forward each day. Keep writing, keep reading, keep traveling around spreading the message. Those are the things I can control. The hard part is getting others to refuse to adhere to everything we think we know about politics.

I’m here.

I’m an Independent.

I’m free.

If you care at all about the future of our state and nation.

I’d love to talk, and more importantly, listen to you.

I offer you no money, only time.

I offer myself and will expect and accept nothing in return.

All I will guarantee you is, time.

And hopefully a completely different perspective on who and what our politicians could be.

Or at the very least change what we should expect or accept from our elected officials.

I think my list is pretty doable. I’m already a conscious voter. But around the Holidays I do tend to indulge myself past 230. As far as braiding hair, I was ok with it as a teenager as far as braiding my younger sisters hair. Now that I have daughters of my own, the risk reward far exceeds combing out knots.

Lacking motivation I am not

I hate feeling the time tick away on my sahdlife but I welcome the future in whatever form it shall manifest.

Should be an interesting year : ^ ) ~

Auld Lang Syne,

For old long ago

my dear

hand o’ thine,

cup o’ kindness in one,

and mead in the other.

Happy New Year,


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