I’ll be the first to admit,

I’m not perfect

An easy admission

However, any errors I do make are not earth shattering. More oops than ugh, more snicker than gasp. My errors usually fall into the laughable category. I get it from my mom.

The first 100 business cards that I passed out were a perfect gift from my wife. Perfectly filled in with all my personal contact information. My personal email, my actual cell phone, and my original website. To those first lucky 100 I made sure to start with that disclaimer.

What you have there might be a collectors item.

Filled with all my direct information

The next 1,000 cards that I created, proofed, ordered, and that showed up at our front door yesterday on the other hand have on glaring error.

gmal. not gmail.

Missy noticed the mistake immediately. It honestly took me a minute. She looked at me with that look that told me something was wrong. My heart sank. I knew I screwed up something. I glanced at the card, again not noticing anything. You don’t see it do you, she said. I looked again. I didn’t see it. What? I don’t see anything. She has assured me that most wont notice. @gmal not gmail.

It’s starts with a g and ends with an l

They’ll get it

I hope she’s right. She probably is. I usually would see things that way. But this will be one of those things I can’t get off my mind. Kinda like in Geri’s room where the periwinkle and coral walls meet imperfectly, or in Stella’s room where the green and brown walls do the same. There are also the imperfect quarter round joints on my baseboards, those two high tiles on the kitchen floor, the trim on my shed, and the landscaping all over my yard. Just to name a few.

Not noticeable to casual observer. No one has ever mentioned them, but I always point out the imperfections when someone compliments the work. Most importantly, it’s always my best effort. Just like the cards, gmal. It’s just an i but I can’t believe I didn’t catch it so I want to admit to my mistake.

Since I declared I was running for office I have noticed a few things. First, it’s not just me but my wife that keeps this idea moving forward. Second, it’s a pretty big undertaking. Finally, and most importantly, my wife compliments me better than any other person in the world. If I do win this election she’s totally going to be my administrative assistant, executive assistant, or whatever the correct term for secretary is. I will in fact be sleeping with my secretary. She’s the most detail oriented, self motivated, organized, beautiful, funny, and amazing person I know. It will be awesome to have her on staff : ^ ) ~

gmal. She wouldn’t have missed that.

It’s not an earth shattering mistake. Honestly, I think it kinda sums my faults up nicely. But, that mistake doesn’t change the overall message or define my campaign.

Just a new preface to the next 1,000 face to face encounters in the district.

it’s gmail, not gmal.

Team Tucker will be sure to correct the mistake the next go around,


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