For the environment

It’s true.

I am a….

tree huggin,

dirt worshipin,

sun lovin,

respecter of the water cycle

type of person

I have driven my wife crazy for almost 23 years with my recycling tendencies. I used to verbalize my displeasure. That didn’t work. So, I began taking items out of the trash and placing them into the recycling bin. Somehow that action spoke more than my words. Now, at least in our house, most everything recyclable goes into the recycling bin. So much in fact we had to order a second recycling container from Ray’s Trash.

Now, we are working on raising two more eco warriors. By educating them on what can and should go into the recycling, as well as, what should go in the trash. I was the same way as a teacher. My kids role their eyes now, my students did then, but I keep modeling, correcting, educating and wouldn’t you know it people tend to become what they are exposed to.

I unplug things when not in use. If we leave for an extended time, all non essential items get unplugged. I got that from my grandfather.

I have a compost bin.

Our thermostat is high in the summer, low in the winter.

We reuse. We wear it out. We do with less or we do without.

We bring my own bags to the grocery for small trips. We reuse or recycle the plastic bags from the store. We never buy bags at Aldi.

We utilize Goodwill. Both giving and purchasing.

I try to model the desired behaviors of an eco warrior

I want to see US get away from our reliance on fossil fuels, especially imported oil, and trend our entire energy consumption to greener and renewable energies here at home.

Will it happen the day after the 117th Congress is sworn in?

No, but if elected, we will have another advocate for our environment and our sustained future in Washington D.C. I can promise you that.

I believe in Global Warming

I believe that over the last 200 years our carbon emissions have sped up naturally occurring warming and cooling trends of our Planet Earth. Exponentially since the end of WWII.

Even Bill Nye has had enough

I agree Bill. We need to grow the fuck up.

Anyone my age or younger has grown up with the science of global warming. By now we should understand the threat it posses to our actual existence. We know the facts, the science, the causes, and the outcomes of doing nothing. What I fear most is we don’t understand the important role we as individuals, neighborhoods, towns, cities, states, and nations share to avoid this cataclysm.

Greta Thunberg
Person of the last Year

I hope it’s not to late,

Even if it is,

I believe it’s worth fighting for

I hope it’s not to late. Even if the damage is irreversible I refuse to sit by idly and watch our world be destroyed by greed. We need to elect people in this country that care as much as a 16 year old kid from Sweden about the future our world. Today and tomorrow. Next month and next year. For the next decade and the next century. For our future and for the future of those who don’t understand or refuse to understand.

I do care about the environment and I think it’s worth saving.

Or at the very least I think it worth trying to save.

It’s not fuzzy math or alternative facts.

If I don’t compel you maybe they will.


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