All good things, and all good times

man, oh, man, oh friend of mine

If you’ve come this far on the site.
At least listen to the song.

I only wish to be able to pick or strum just a little bit of that song before I die.

You got the do re, I got the mi

But, whatever I end up doing with the rest of my professional life I promise it’ll be all good things and all good times.

Got big ideas but the cash’s all spent

If I am a politician or if I am back behind the teaching desk. I’ve got some big ideas, their money’s all spent, but my ideas for Indiana are financed all through new markets.

All good things, in all good time

Some good things take time. I’ve been patient my entire life, but I refuse to sit back any longer and wait for those in power to address Education, Equality, and the Environment.

I got the notion, we’re all at sea

Let me fight for our future in general. Not for profit. Not for pacs or party be they minor, major, or super. Not for lobbyist, just for US the people.

Run, run, run for Congress

From where I sit, we’ve gotten nothing to lose.


reachin for the stars, “probably” smack into the sky

“maybe” grab hold of the moon

but I do so for our future,

not for the money,

or for the power,

Just to help out with,




Thanks for readin,


Quicker it opens, the sooner it closes

The music is fantastic. I don’t care who, when, or where you are. If you at least listen or read it you can’t help but at least for a moment want to be a better person.

For what it’s worth. Maybe that’s what I should rename this folder in the mind and ideas of a guy from indiana.

me : ^) ~

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