For education


Beyond all other devices of human origins,

Is the greatest equalizer of the conditions of “people”,

the balance-wheel of the social machine

Horace Mann eighteen hundred and something

I couldn’t agree more.


Whether it was 1,000 years ago.

100 years ago.

10 years ago.

10 months ago.

A year from now.

A decade from now.

Or a century from this moment will always be the great equalizer between people, nations, corporations, faiths, the haves, and the have nots.

For those that don’t know me, I think education is important.

At least for me education has been key to any success in my professional life.

So, why do we in this state and nation continue to fail our public schools?

Overly tested.


Careless spending.

In appropriate curriculum.

State mandated wasteful instructional time.

This all important public service is long over due for honest reform. Our public schools need to meet the needs of all of our kids, our students, our states, our nation, our world, and whatever lays ahead for all humankind.

If nothing else comes from my campaign I hope to be a voice for education. An actual teacher. A real educator involved in the conversations that define the educational policies that are implemented in the classroom. At least in Indiana that would be a break from the norm.

I’m running with a focus on education because I think our education system is broken.

I’m running with a focus on education because our children deserve better from our elected officials.

I’m running with a focus on education for my former coworkers in education that are doing what they have to do, what they know to do, and what they feel they need to do.

I’m running with a focus on education for those teachers and students just getting started in this important area.

I’m running for those teachers struggling to meet the ridiculous demands placed upon them by our state and nation.

I’m running because I am a teacher.

I’m running because I know teachers.

I’m running to fix our states education funding formula.

I’m running because my kids are going into the public school system in a few years and I know that there are severe gaps in various areas that need correcting.

I’m running to bring real reform to education.

I think education is that important.

I’m running for office to represent the people and the future of Indiana.

Our children are our most important commodity,

It’s time to act in their best interest,


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