Stuck in the middle with you

Tryin to make sense of it all,

But, I can see the Chicago Bears make no sense at all,

I’m wonderin what it is I should do

During their time as stewards of a once proud NFL charter franchise The McCaskey family have made the Monsters of the Midway a joke. My entire life I have been stuck in the middle of the NFL.

Clowns to the left of me,

Jokers to the right,

The Windy City, The city of big shoulders, the city that works, the second city, the third largest American media network. Yet, Ted Phillips, and the rest of the Chicago Bears Organization can’t seem to find a way to make the Chicago Bears a consistently competitive NFL franchise.

For the majority of my life the Chicago Bears have toiled more in total obscurity than as Super Bowl contenders. How much longer must I suffer while the Chicago Bears Organization keep abusing it’s loyal fan base?

Here I am stuck in the middle with you

Over the last four decades the Chicago Bears have been consistently more bad than even close to good. Many more forgettable seasons than memorable. Unfortunately for me I was 5 in 1985. But as a kid I bought into the Monsters of the Midway mystic. Even though my earliest Bears memories are all loses in all the big games. Loses to the Giants, the 49ers, the American Football Club formerly referred to as the Redskins, and of course many, many loses to the Packers.

After another uninspiring NFL regular season on the lake front the Chicago Bears have failed to reach even my modest but reasonable hopes and expectations for this season. I figured they’d be around .500 but I had three hopes for this year.


First, that Ryan Pace would be able to bring in a quarterback that could run Matt Nagy’s offense.

Second, that Matt Nagy would be able to use what he had on offense and just be average.

Third, that Matt Nagy, Chuck Pagano, and Chris Tabor and their assistant coaches would be able to develop game plans each and every week that would optimize our good parts, minimize our weaknesses, all the while exploiting something that the other team was willing to give us in a hope that week in and week out the games would be enjoyable.

None of the above happened this year.

The Bears started 5-1. But, to anyone that really knows football they probably should have been 1-4 or 2-3. Imagine if the Lions, Giants, and Falcons didn’t snatch defeat out of the jaws of victory in weeks 1, 2, and 3.

I’ve got a feeling that something ain’t right

Then, six loses in a row right in the heart of the season brought them to 5-7. In a variety of remarkably different fashions mind you. Most, controllable from a football sense. However, they were winners in 3 out of their final 4 to get back to 8-8 and into the playoffs.

If I have learned anything from living in the Indianapolis area over the last 15 years it’s that you never apologize for wins, you never apologize for beating teams you should, and you never apologize for getting into the playoffs. So, I won’t start now.

But, going 3-7 over the last 10 weeks of the season and backing into the playoffs is definitely not ideal. That being said, the Bears are in the playoffs and I hope they catch lightning in a bottle and win another Super Bowl. However, I’d be shocked if the the Chicago Bears are not cleaning out their lockers come Monday morning.

Clowns to the left of me,

Jokers to the right,

0 for 3

Thus ending the 101 first NFL season for the Chicago Bears and therefore beginning an off season which has even more questions unanswered than when we began 2020. After 5 seasons I think Ryan Pace is an NFL Front Office person. I’m just not sure I trust him drafting in the first few rounds. Which is not great when that is the most important part of your job.

After four seasons I still have no idea about who Matt Nagy is as a head coach, an offensive coordinator, an evaluator of talent, or game plan strategist.

After five years I think I know who Mitchell Trubisky is as an NFL quarterback. He’s somewhere in the lower half of the league. At this moment he still doesn’t see the game. But, he has shown glimpses of good, but the bad things still outweigh the good. After spending 4 years together Matt Nagy and Tru”bear”ski still seem to see the game with different eyes and that is not good. Sadly, he is the best option currently on the roster. He is also going to be a free agent in the off season.

Now what? No NFL team will look the same next year. Players retire, players get drafted, players get sent into free agency. Coaches get fired. Coaches get hired. It’s life in the NFL.

The Bears have a late first round draft pick so that is not an ideal spot to draft your first franchise quarterback. I hope they draft a quarterback, bring in another via free agency that has the skills and knowledge of whatever Matt Nagy is wanting to develop as an offensive identity and there is an all out open qb competition in the summer.

If you are asking me I’d fire Ted Phillips, move Ryan Pace up to his position as President of the Bears organization and allow him to hire a General Manager. Sign or franchise tag Mitch and bring back Nagy for another year.

But, what do I know?

Yes I’m,

Stuck in the middle with you


Since Mitch ran out of bounds as opposed to lowering his shoulder I’d like to say I’d rather not have him back.

Now that the super wild card is over just let Mitch walk.

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