Be better

Let me start off by once again saying congratulations to you and your team on winning our election.


We haven’t gotten off on the right foot. However, I’m willing to look past the last year of complete avoidance by you and your team to acknowledge me as a human being, potential constituent, and or maybe because I was on the same ballot as you last year.

Now that the election is over and you have been sworn in to office it’s time to get to work. I am your constituent.

As a constituent from Indiana’s 5th Congressional District I’m asking you to be better than our former representative Susan Brooks. Work for us in the 5th. Work for the citizens of America and not just the special interests and lobby groups that helped you win this election.

I know you have your own party agenda of protecting the elephant in the womb, guaranteeing our constitutional rights to purchase weapons to rival our own military, and whatever you agreed to long before winning this election. But during your campaign you did speak of some things I hold near and dear to my heart as a human being, dad, husband, son, brother, American, and Hoosier.

I would ask you to remember your campain promises and use your voice in office to fight for the equality we have been promised dating back to 1776. As well as to better our K-12 education, fight against the upward trends in the cost of higher education, and work on lowering our national debt without increasing taxes.

Be Better


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