Decades of offensive ineptness

Do I care too much about football? Not anymore.

Do I know too much about football? Probably.

After yet another clumsy offensive performance by a franchise who has made offensive clumsiness the new family tradition. The 2019 Chicago Bears are not even close to being what I thought they should have been this season.

I’m not even sure where to begin

Mitchell Trubisky has done the unthinkable. He has gotten worse.

A favorite pic my friends, neighbors, and family like to send me throughout the year

I think it is safe to outwardly wonder about the overall knowledge of Ryan Pace and Matt Nagy to do what their jobs require. I’ll give Nagy a bit of a pass seeing that I hope he and his offense have been handcuffed by the quarterback. The lack of any consistent play from whoever has lined up under center during his tenure as the Head Coach of the Chicago Bears. But, I think I have heard that in the 2017 draft he preferred Mitch to his peers. But, he was in KC then and besides he’s a coach not a GM. As a coach you should put your players in a position to have success. Not much offensive success on the shores of Lake Michigan these last two seasons.

That brings me to Ryan Pace. You’ll never convince me that trading up to #2 to draft Mitchell was the right thing. Irregardless of what you thought about other organizations intentions that evening. I’m not sure who is in the scouting department, but if you watched #10 play in college or during individual workouts and thought he was so much better than the rest of that draft class, Yikes. Is this the first mistake at quarterback for this franchise? Obviously not. But, those other Bears teams really weren’t this good on defense. Nor did those quarterbacks have as many potential receiving threats. I’ll stop complaining about the most recent offensive failings of my favorite professional sports franchise.

As any Bears fan could tell you the quarterback list is long. A few great leaders. A few solid quarterbacks, but never a great one. Moses Moreno, Henry Burris, Craig Krenzel, Caleb Hanie, Jimmy Clausen, and Steve Stenstrom are names most forget.

Rex Grossman, Mitchell Trubisky, and Jay Cutler are the few I never liked.

Jim McMahon, Jim Miller, Jim Harbaugh, Shane Mathews, and Brian Griese are names I always rooted for.

Mike Tomczak, Kyle Orton and Peter Tom Willis are probably my favorites. Two of my local sport heroes and my favorite Tecmo Quarterback of all time.

Sports talk tv, radio, and online streaming is filled with dream scenarios and what if statements.

What if….

So, let me state a dream I’ve only shared with a few of my closest family and friends. I’m hoping for another Boilermaker quarterback. If New Orleans decides to keep Teddy Bridgewater and let Drew Brees walk the Bears should sign him. I told you it was a dream. Until he signs on the dotted line it’s an option. With a defense like the one the Bears should have over the next few years anything is possible. But you need some type of offensive identity and more importantly production. I know it wouldn’t be Nagy’s offense but it’s probably the best option. So let me dream.

Honestly, i’d settle for a least David Blough in camp next year or better to run this offense.

Either way we should all admit that even in the best of times for any football team to truly be great in and around Chicago and Lake Michigan that you need to have a running game. But I don’t want to talk offensive line and running backs today. Maybe in the off season.

I think it is worth restating, this franchise is among the worst run from a purely offensive standpoint. Bad for me. But not the McCaskey bank account.

Last off season it was the kicker that everyone was worried about in Chicago. Poor Cody Parkey. He should have never been in that position but he was and we all know how that ended.

If my dream doesn’t become reality I’m hoping for an open quarterback competition, and don’t forget we need a kicker as well.

Sorry Virginia but this organization hasn’t worn the crown or held the Lombardi Trophy for a generation. I hope your front office is up to the task and that next year will see a return to NFL relevance. If I am still allowed to dream why not dream for sustained success as opposed to one year of lucky bounces, defensive domination, special team performances, and a few trick plays on offense.

But I won’t bet on it.

Steve Fuller, Doug Flutie, Chase Daniel

Still a few more unnamed qb’s but besides Erik Kramer they really did nothing.

Bears Down,

Way Down,




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