It’s an old acronym. I first got turned on to this message in and around the age of 15 as a track on 36 chambers from Enter the Wu.






Wu-Tang Clan

It’s still true. Now, as we head into 2020 you could probably use credit along with cash. But, that doesn’t have the same ring to it.

Way back in ’94 I was 15. I was already more familiar with the hardships of financial insecurity than most of the new faces I was surrounded. To my moms credit as a child I never really felt poor. But, by 15 I knew we were.

If you live in America cash or credit has been a necessity since at least 1800. How you come across it isn’t always up to you but your surroundings. As a 15 year old kid I was just beginning to see a quote end quote typical American family. It felt foreign to me then. Now, as a 40 year old father of two I am trying to present a new typical family to my own daughters.

$30,000,000 buy in

Mr. Bloomberg buying into the run for President is just the latest example of why my campaign is free. Just because I literally can’t contribute in a financial cents ; ^ ) ~ to any campaign, news organization, or any other way you to influence politics shouldn’t mean I have absolutely no voice in my government. Especially for a spot in Congress from Indiana.

I won’t take financial campaign contributions, but unlike Mr. Bloomberg upon winning i’m going to need the salary. Just to be crystal clear.

My contemporaries already know the song. Older generations I would think probably know the phrase. Younger generations? I honestly have no idea anymore. I realize any type of hardcore music is difficult to listen to for some. But sense this is kinda how I do things to get my message out there. If you are clueless to the song. Give it a listen.

Elections shouldn’t be for sale at any level of government.

But all are. Except for this one.


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