Now what?

It seems like just yesterday I was resigning from Noblesville East Middle School to stay at home and be a full time parent to my daughters. A SAHD if you will. Needless to say those years went by even faster than everyone told me they would.

So far I feel like I have been as present a parent as there can be. Not smothering or intrusive. I’ve just always been there for them. Truth be told it was awesome. I feel like we grabbed life by the horns and had all kinds of great experiences. I’d do it all over again if given the chance. If I have any regrets it’s probably the amount of time that I have invested in trying to “be the change” so many people claim to want in terms of our elected representatives. Especially the countless hours that I have incorporated Stella and Geri into this change. As opposed to doing something they would have rather done. Which, more often than not, would have been quite literally anything else. Despite this shared understanding between the three of us, and to your credit(s), we only had a handful of objections over the years of being the change. However, in an attempt to answer the original question for today,

Now what?

So far this morning Missy and I enjoyed a nice breakfast and did some running around. Moving forward I’m going to continue to try and change the world. This November I plan on becoming the first Independent candidate to win a general election in the almost 206 year history of Indiana.

Now what?

I plan on literally rocking the vote between now and November 8th. I have formed a six piece band of actual local musicians. We don’t have a name yet but Improvisational Impressionists is the latest name I’ve come up with. Coincidentally, I think that phrase best sums up what this little adventure will become. Although, The Mother Tucker Band, Renegades of Funk, Bare Knuckles, or The House Band have been thrown about as possible names. I hope to have at least three shows with the band this fall. Between now and then the plan is an assortment of other numeric musical incarnations such as an acoustic trio, a duo, or even just me all alone trying to spread the word about my campaign by using music. Let there be songs to fill the air within our local parks, along our trails, as well as a few breweries, wineries, and distilleries. I’m trying to secure a few actual theaters for what I’m billing as, “An Evening with Ken Tucker”. Me as an emcee of sorts, along with the band. Please be on the look out for actual dates soon. Those shows should be a ton of fun.

Now what?

In the mean time I do need to start making some actual money. While I’ve been on this half decade unpaid sabbatical of sorts Missy has been shouldering all our financial responsibilities. Whatever this “is”, “has been”, or “will become” has only been possible because of her. I cannot thank you (her) enough for all of this. I know this has been a heavy load to bear. Now any money I can bring home by actually using my degree will help ease that burden. So, I will be dabbing my toes back into academia by substitute teaching in a few local school districts. Sadly, sub money is pretty close to my meager salary as a public educator even after my eleven years of service. Luckily, it wont involve grading papers or all those meeting : ^ ) ~ Plus, unlike the political or music thing it will be super comfortable and something I know how to do if that makes any sense.

Now what?

I need to get used to the quietness of our home, shake off this feeling of not having any direction to my days, get my signage in order, get the Element back to street ready, get a few venues to take a chance on me, fill out a bunch of school and election paper work.

Truth be told for today I just hope you two have a great first day


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