Mobile, Agile, and Peaceful

Here we go IN24.

I’ve earned a spot on our ballot as an honest to goodness Independent candidate. Now I will try and be the most accessible political figure in our state. Which sadly will be easy to do when compared to all the other candidates that dodge, dip, duck, and dodge reporters and constituents.

The Ele is as shined up as it can be. The signs are all patched, painted, stained, sewn, hoisted, and secure. More coming soon.

The most notable difference from 2020 is I’m also providing the music.

Unlike last time the area is a fraction of the size and I honestly believe I have a chance. In 2020 almost 18,000 people voted for me. The incumbent I’m running against this fall only received 3,373 total votes.

Like last time when you see the flag flyin. I’d love to have a chat to learn how I could better represent us.

wave that flaaaaaag, wave it wide and high

Also like last time I am not accepting any financial campaign contributions of any kind.

Just a moment of your time.

To earn your vote,

not buy it


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