How can it be

How can it be,

That I’m 43

As I sit here and feel even older I wonder where all those years have gone.

Twenty six years years with Missy.

Almost two decades as a teacher.

Nearly three decades involved with early childhood education.

How can it be,

That 43 years later

Our environment is till being polluted?

Our public education system is still broken and trending downward?

Our country is still far from equal?

How can it be,

That it feels like it’s continues to be the same old same old politically?

How can it be that we as a society, especially with the Indiana statehouse, continue to be so close minded?

How can it be that doom and gloom commercials, mud slinging, fear, and intimidation still are common practice within and between our two major parties?

How can it be that we care so little about our representatives and sadly expect even less? I refuse to believe that represents us.

I promised myself I wouldn’t work today. But writing has always helped get it out. I know you are all tired of candidate Ken. So, as far as my campaign to be the change that will have to wait until tomorrow.

To Missy, Stella, and Geri I can’t wait to see what lays in store for us today and beyond. Thank you for this incredible life. To my mom and many dads thanks for all that parenting stuff. To my other friends and family that I usually hear from, thank you for taking a moment today to say hey.

It’s always appreciated,


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