Let me first start off by defining what the acronym SAHD stands for:






Secondly, it’s not sad at all.

In fact, it’s the happiest place in the world. My days are filled with picture books, meal preparations, and if my girls are lucky maybe a trip to the park….

It’s a SAHD problem

Not to mention the bike rides, the swing set in the back yard, princesses, dress up, the wonderful world of make believe, painting, pretending, and PBS. Daniel Tiger, Pinkalicious, and Super Why are members of our extended family.

Super readers to the rescue!

The Jonah Jump

I couldn’t pick just one DTN song

Now that there are no more diapers or bottles I have reclaimed like 90 minutes of the day. How can this option not be better than having to go to work?

A boss is a boss.

Being a stay at home parent isn’t easy. Early on, diapers, bottles, maybe some crying….

You and them

Much like any job after a few years in you kinda get used to the grind. Some of the tedious never ending parts of your day like aforementioned have ended. Feeding can still be a struggle. That is of course if you would want them to eat something other than the diet of a teenage stoner, the constant questioning, the learning of emotions, and my goodness the laundry.

Job description is overarching

But now that you are pretty sure you can turn your back on them, or at the very least just listen to them from another room, can allow you to do some delightful things like think, breath, read, listen. But, that stillness is only fleeting.

If you don’t want to do this job. Don’t. But, if you want this job and your situation would allow you to do so I would highly encourage. I give it my full SAHD endorsement, or four tines for the foodies out there.

I thought of entitling my initial moment/hashtag SAHPY stories to include all the moms out there. Or SAHPY stories from a SAHD but that seemed way to confusing. Needless to say I went with the SAHD life tag. I’m as interested as anyone else to see where this leads me. I’m still trying to figure out how to build an audience online.

My daughters are a set of Irish Twins. It’s ok. I’m Irish. My youngest daughters red hair and freckles are the only proof I need. So, I can say that.

In 2019 I think we need to rethink what enrages us

That being said, you probably wont be shocked but I was actually told once by a younger adult that was “probably an insensitive comment” or a even worse a “derogatory term”. I was taken aback. I apologized for being insensitive but explained the history of the term, as far as I understood it.


Perfect use of the interrobang

Needless to say, there are still some glaring differences between the sexes and generations. Being almost 40 and going to the park regularly I can attest wholeheartedly to both. But, that’s part of the job. Interacting with people. Modeling behaviors you would want your child to emulate.

“I don’t think you can say that”

My daughters will both be 3 years old in August for 2 strange months. Siblings born within a 12 month time frame is the definition of Irish Twins in case you were wondering. At least where and when I grew up anyway. My poor wife was pregnant for 18 out of 20 months starting in January of 2015.

It was probably even crazier than you think

My wife. What can I say about the woman who has made this life for me possible.


I love you.

I miss you when you are gone.

Kinda what i’ve come up with so far

To all the working parents out there from a SAHD guy from Indiana.

Thank you for making this possible. We know it’s not easy on your end either. You all trudge off to work each and everyday and do something that hopefully you enjoy. If not, then a million more thank you’s. For the few honestly believe they’ve never worked a day in their life.

Either way, anyway, and irregardless, my wife and I, along with our two daughters are trying our best to do this whole life thing on our own terms in this day and age.

I know the primary care provider is a position typically held by the woman of the family, but I am so fortunate to be given the daily gift of being with my daughters, and trying to model the characteristics that I hope they would look for in a life partner of their own.

I know there have been men that have walked in these shoes before me. There have been movies, tv shows, and my neighbor did it as well.

“Lets talk about the beard”
“Because it’s a comfortable shirt”
Just a classic movie

I didn’t lose my job, I chose this one, and that has made all the difference in our lives.

The only other glaring differences between this house and that one would be the soap opera distraction has been replaced by the internet viewing of sports highlights, Grateful Dead concerts on Youtube, and this blogging thing at least for me.

I would never even entertain the idea of surrounding myself with other stay at home parents.

Most importantly, my wife doesn’t have a handsy boss.

I’ll leave you with a hope I have for my daughters and all the other daughters out there. I hope they never have to put up with some of the stuff that my mom, wife, and sister have had to while on this planet. People can be pigs; insensitive, and crude. For if that day were to come that is when this SAHD turns from Keaton into the greatest of all superheros.

Which could lead to the go to male threat response

What makes me different than your sterotypical man is I try to

Use words

Before the bang, boom, and pows.

Thanks as always for reading,


Here’s my favorite DTN song currently.

It changes based on the current life struggle.


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