In a sports sense…

…..God hates Cleveland.

No, it’s not hyperbole.

And to be fair it’s not my quote.

I first heard it from my friend Joe, then multiple Eerie Warriors fans, Chief Wahoo himself, we haven’t even mentioned the Browns, the Cavs, or LeBron.

Days like yesterday for my beloved Cubs I find it uplifting to remind myself of the trials on shores of Lake Erie, and I would also like to say in a baseball sense…

Allah laughs at cubs, but Buddah must love the Yankees

I know 18 runs in a game doesn’t happen with all that much regularity, and days like yesterday happen. But, as far as I’m concerned, the Cubs are exactly where I thought they’d be at this point. The same point they were last year. The year before that and in ’15.

A good team, with some young name recognition at the plate, two older crafty vets that, when on at the top of the rotation and healthy can win you any game. Hendricks and Q are solid as your 3 and 4. This year was and is still all about Yu. Or whoever takes the ball at the end of the rotation. If you care at all I’d think a Yu/Montogmery tandem every 5th day would have been the best fit.

But postseason success was never going to be won on the arms of our pitchers but the bats. Whether it’s one of Theo’s early signs/deals, or Hendry’s picks. If the Cubs can’t hit good pitchers. Then they will not have any post season success.

If the game goes to the pen it’s just over 50/50. But, they did add Kimbrell so we shall see.

That is why as a life long Cubs I still tend to smile and shake my head every time I walk past my copy of the Trib…..

Because let us not forget about…

Remember that? Indians fans do.

The morale to this blog is to remind everyone that it’s not even the All Star Break. It doesn’t look great. To be fair I only had them down for 92 wins this year. I think they are going over, but it’ll be close. But never in my wildest dreams would I ever start any season, for any of my teams by thinking…

Championship or bust

And that be my desire
Momentum, totally shifts.

Sometimes by an act of Shiva.

To be honest, my buddy Joe and I were just glad the world didn’t end.

The aforementioned Joe that is.

Beginning in 2009 Joe and I talked regularly about sports and our sport cities. Chicago for me and Cleveland for him. We joked that before either would win a World Series the world would end.

That’s for you Joe

Or at the very least our time on this planet would have expired. However, once it became clear in 2016 we wished each other well, hoped for 7, nervously joked about our previous conversations of end of days.

I’m so happy it worked out the way it did. For me anyway.

So, with that said, Go Tribe.

Unless there is a rematch (not prediction)

There wont be. God(s) can’t be that cruel.


As always thanks for reading,


Go Cubs Go

On second thought, if you do have a 90 seconds.

Exhibit B

And what the heck, how about Exhibit C

Don’t even get me started

God hates Cleveland sports.

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