Who, Where, How

These three simple questions seemed to have worked for the Grateful Dead. Almost 60 years later I hope they will help me start a conversation with those in Indiana. It has to, or I probably don’t have a shot.


Full disclosure:

I am beginning to record video, audio, and also do some photography stuff while documenting my run for Congress in Indiana. If you would like to be a part of this documentary lets talk. You might even get a sticker, or a t shirt out of it. A card or flier is guaranteed.

I have final editing but if you are at all unhappy I will not publish video. Audio. Yes. If you live in Indiana’s 5th Congressional District and you would like the opportunity to take part in an anthropolyscisociotech experiment. That’s an anthropological, political science, sociological, and technological experiment.

anthropolysisociotech experiment

Economics will play a role but not the one your accustomed to in terms of politics. I have not and will not be asking for any money.

Would you please sign my petition to get on the ballot here in Indiana? That would be the only soliciting question that I would ask?

I promise to be available at some point between now and tomorrow evening at the earliest. Next Friday at the latest. Only dates not available between now and the election are: Feb. 9th, May 17th, July 18th, August 8th, and October 1st.


My most valuable commodity

The biggest issue for me is time. I’m living a SAHDlife now but I am willing to meet you anywhere in between here and wherever you are. I’ll guarantee any individual at least 10 minutes including set up. Any more than that depends on the conversation and the crowd. Offer open until November 2nd 2020.


If you would enjoy a conversation with someone running for Congress,

please answer the questions from above and email me at:


Hopefully we can get together.

Either way, tune in to the website periodically to stay up to date on my campaign.

Thanks for your time,


Freaks Unite

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