*CAN-19 Form

A glitch report from my most important post ever.

Note to anyone looking for a copy. I had a link but it said it was not private. I blame the State of Indiana. I’ll try to get something up ASAP. Sorry. Please check back for form.

3:12 maybe i fixed it

3:15 nope. i’m not sure why but this .pdf file will not show up as a file to upload or link to

3:18 maybe this way? i removed a link because….

3:19 I clicked on the link above but it turned out to be a scary warning screen. I went past it anyway and it delivered me to a 404 Not Found page. Again, I blame the State. Hopefully it wasn’t a virus.

I can’t believe this is happening. Told you my faults are all technological not psychological or with humans.



Maybe now

I emailed em. Best I can do 3:42

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