Ok, for those that have been reading this blog. Now, I really do need some help.

signatures I need by July 15/mid June really

Please sign my petition

From me to anyone and everyone in Indiana’s 5th Congressional District.

By signing my CAN-19 petition you are saying that you would like to see my name on the ballot. It by no means says that you intend to vote for me. It only says that you think if I can collect enough signatures you would allow my name to be on the ballot.

I do hope to earn your vote. But, most pressing right now is earning your signature.

The 5th in it’s entirety

Requirements to sign:

  1. You have to live within Indiana’s 5th District
  2. It has to be a wet signature. Which means pen on paper
Close up of southern boundary
Much like driving across the north side of Indianapolis,
it’s not a straight line.
Neither should your vote : ^ )

6,340 verified signatures submitted to each county office by mid June. To the state by July 15. Noon.

I would love to meet all 6,340 people and I am going to do my best. If you feel inspired by my efforts and want to help me realize my goal of getting on the general election ballot in Indiana in November 2020. Here in the 5th district. I would love it if you would print off the CAN-19 Form and collect as many signatures as you can and contact me.

We give more important info to, Apple, and Google

Need extrinsic motivation?

A carrot if you will

If you collect 10 signatures, not including your own. Because that might be illegal. I don’t know. But I’ll meet you, collect your signature and deliver an official Tucker for Indiana sticker.

50 signatures and I’ll give you a T-shirt shirt. 60, you get both.

Can’t or don’t want to meet? I’ll send you a self addressed envelope. After I get signatures I’ll send you your prize. Some incarnation of my logo as a sticker and a t-shirt. Depending on pricing you might even get a phrase.

So it goes


Don’t be a sucker, vote for Tucker

I signed a petition, and got this.

It’ll be the logo for sure on front.

I hope it works.

Either way, I’m going to keep trying.

For me, if nothing else.

You should know the rest by now : ^)

If not, I hope to get to know you.

At the very least,

you know me.


If your still reading, enjoy.


Detailed Instructions for those gathering signatures:

  1. Print Petition
  2. Fill in County line in upper right hand corner
  3. Fill in my name on line 1 of Candidate name: Ken A. Tucker
  4. Fill out bottom petition carrier certification with your inft

Do not fill out anything on back. That’s for County Office or Presidential Candidates.

March 19th 2020

578 signatures attained. Thank you to all that signed.

Well short of the astronomical 6,340 that I needed. Especially considering what has happened in the world since. If this is to far in the future it was that whole Corona virus, Covid 19, Quaranting thing. Kinda hard to get the needed signatures in a healthy world. Let a lone a socially distant one.

However, I have won the nomination of the Libertarian Party and they are one of three parties that have ballot access.

Lucky me.



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