Mitigated Democracy

I’ve been reading excerpts from George Wills new book, The Conservative Sensibility, and watching some of his interviews online. If you don’t know him, you probably should, he’s been helping form, shape, and moderate our American Experience my entire life. He’s a syndicated columnist from the Washington Post.

Majority are going to rule,

Majorities ought to rule,


James Madison “Father of the Constitution”

we want public opinion



and refined through representative institutions

His words not mine, but seems like it was a success

While I think I understand our Founding Fathers rationale for refining and filtering public opinion then. What I don’t understand now is why, or how public opinion is being drowned out by outward lies, name calling, alternative facts, and the drowning of US in litigation by our own representative democracy. Be it direct or indirect.

As the 2020 election approaches are we in the midst of a constitutional crisis?

I guess it all depends on your perspective.

Me? I feel misrepresented at every level of government on basically everything I care about for our future. Whether here in Westfield, definitely inside the Indiana Statehouse, and with my four Hoosier representatives in Washington D.C.


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