Why I’m flabbergasted

Seeing that this latest impeachment was a pretty big event and I have leapt into the political fray. Here are my own thoughts on the outcome.

I’m no constitutional scholar

I am a former history teacher

For what it’s worth, if the message to whoever is in power of this country is to use all means necessary with regards to US resources to maintain your power that is scary.

First, I honestly didn’t think the impeachment would be worth it. Then, this whole Ukraine thing was brought to our attention. We as a country needed someone to look into any type of election interference, corruption, or bastardization. Did the President collude with Russia to meddle with the 2016 Election? It’s sad that was actually an issue. Turns out it was. Albeit not with Russia. Putin played him like a fiddle. That was the scary part.

He can’t be that brash,

But he probably, misunderstands the power of his office

My original thought on Impeachment

The way I see it is we all know that Donald J Trump has always sent his lackeys out to do the dirty work. He built whatever you consider the word, Trump, into basically anything you want it to be. For me it’s a brand. He’s put his name on so many things you can’t escape it. The worst thing this President has ever done to me was tearing down the Sun Times building on the Chicago River. With that sole land acquisition he ruined my favorite view, of my favorite city, looking up river from any bridge.

Despite many peoples beliefs, hopes, and miles of video or audio tapes, to the contrary Donald J. Trump is smart. Smart enough to have learned to send others to do his work. From my point of view he has been hostility taking over corporations and people my entire life. So he is smart enough to send others to step on throats, twist arms, drown people and business in legal paperwork, and or other fees. It gives him plausible deniability or whatever you want to call his alternative way of thinking, speaking, tweeting, conversing, etc.

Now he’s doing it to all of US.

Mr. Braun

You say you represent the majority in Indiana. Which, as a member of the Republican Party, you absolutely do. It’s a super majority party back in our home state. However, on this issue, what you just swore to do as a juror does not represent my “home”.

I have told Susan Brooks as much when she was listening to all those witnesses last month. If you and the other Republican Senators don’t at least call witnesses then your vote should be cast on what you learned last week as a juror:

The video

The audio

The presentation and speakers from last week

Sworn testimony from high ranking officials within our government and country. Experts in there chosen fields.

Take out whatever our President, his known and close associates, your Party, or your very own political, personal, or professional prejudices and cast your vote.

The truth

The whole truth

Nothing but the truth

So help me (person, place, or thing)

Whatever you agreed to do each day of the impeachment hearings.

I’d really appreciate it if you would,


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