Baby, I’m amazed

Maybe, bunnies, and babies

But not shocked at this point,

at how much I love you.

Maybe i’m just amazed,

at how much I can truly love someone else.

I know one thing is true,

this all started with you,

Now it includes our daughters,

With the three of you by my side,

Baby, I’m amazed by all of you,

Maybe I was just a man,

Son, friend, and brother,

A teacher and coach,


Now I’m,

Stella and Geri’s dad.

I’ll always be your husband.

It’s a different lens to see the world,

I’m amazed at the way I love all three of you.

That’s the reason behind all of this.

I just hope you all understand,

How that loves drives me,

To be a better man.

How you make me,


How lucky,

I really am.


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