This is still an experiment

Not this blog. I think I understand it now.

I’m talking about democracy.

Our democracy.

Throughout history large groups of powerful people have been making decisions, laws, rights, wrongs, and penalties to govern the majority. I think this latest attempt at being a representative republic is probably the best. Although, I’d say it’s more of an indirect democracy at this moment in time. I fear it has some major flaws shared by Empires of the Modern and Ancient worlds.

I have a voice. I want to be your voice. A collective voice of and for reason. One not tied to any preexisting political constraints or financial restraints.

Once the power of law, or the rule of law, tips the scales towards money. Then, the question must be asked,

Are we still living in a democracy?

Or have we become an Oligarchy? Despite the attempts of a few it’ll never really be a Monarchy. Legacies? A few. Not just in a political sense but a financial ones as well. Which in a capitalistic society is obviously the most important.

You tell me

Illusion of choice is just that an illusion. Now you may think I’m crazy. I’d disagree with you but engaging in conversation seems to be the point of my campaign.

Let me ask a very simple question:

A or B

Now lets pretend like you didn’t like your choice.

Lets try again.

Should be a simple answer now:

A or B

Now lets say your choice didn’t quite work out the second time either.

Let me ask you more difficult question:

A or B

Isn’t that the definition of madness

Or close to it

Now if you didn’t switch your pick at any point I may not be talking to you. But, for the rest of US lets consider a third option. An Independent one at least here in Indiana.

What do we have to lose? Maybe it’s just me but at this moment in my life neither major political party seems to be able to represent me with fidelity. Unless, the majority of the people I have spoken to are lying directly to my face. I think we are all tired of both A and B.

For those of us in Indiana who feel like our state gets us nowhere. You’re right. It’s a super super majority. So, why not just give choice C a try. We know what the other one’s get us already.

Actually, on the ballot I’d be choice D,

I’m not taking money,

or asking for it,

Just time,


Independent only if I get all the paper work done : ^)

Think about it.


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