Saint of Circumstance

Never know now, just don’t never know,

As soon as I heard the rumors about Governor Holcomb’s plan for a special legislative session I was worried.

As an adult every time the Indiana GOP officially meets I get anxious because you never know what a part time legislative body will attempt to do. Especially those in Indiana.

As a human being, a parent, and a teacher who has spent my entire life in Indiana I know whenever this particular group officially meets it is generally not good for me. My mind kicks into overdrive with questions like: What are they going to try and force me to do know? How are they going to try and make my personal and professional life more challenging? Which of our liberties are they going to try and make more restrictive or eliminate?

Odds against me been increasin’

This special session was supposed to be a good old fashion bribery. An attempt at literally buying some goodwill heading into the Midterms. It was presented as a way of helping Hoosiers. It was suppose to happen July 5th.

Holes in what left of their reason

Then, that whole abortion thing happened and the GOP pushed back the date. Strange don’t you think? Had all those struggling families somehow miraculously stopped struggling. Over the last few weeks the head bill writers for the GOP have been scrambling to write bills that will be making their way around the statehouse over the upcoming weeks. Most have more to do with abortion than helping Hoosiers. All of which would force someone else’s, or a large group of organized peoples, beliefs onto my family and I. This is definitely not what freedom from religion was ever suppose to look like. Let alone democracy.

I don’t know what the weather might do,

But the timing couldn’t be better for public push back. This week the Indiana legislator is the only state legislative body in session. I believe the eyes of the country will be on our statehouse to witness the folly of the Indiana political landscape. I hope this will help shed light on what I have been trying to show my fellow Hoosiers; the ridiculousness of this Indiana super majority.

Holes in the knees of my blues

I’ve spent the better part of five years traveling all over central Indiana trying to get people to understand what a joke our Republican super majority is. But I believe they are doing it for me. Infringing on our rights, infighting, lawsuits, idiotic statements, horrible bills, etc. In late June when word of a special session began it was all a farce. The GOP was going to take a victory lap on the Democrats dime if you will. The Grand Old Party stood vehemently against the CARES ACT. But despite there objection the bill passed. Each state got like $700 million dollars from our Federal Government. As it tends to do Indiana held on to that money.

Odds against me been increasin’ but I’ll pull through

It’s now nearing the end of July and this special session has yet to take place. There has been no “relief” to the citizens of Indiana. Contrarily to helping those in need. Over the course of the last month those who write the laws, sponsers, laws, and occasionaly our elected representatives have been trying to figure out a plan to help Hoosiers. But now it sounds like they will be using that money to help all those kids and moms that they will try to force to have children. In a final bit of irony that plan is one the democrats have been trying to pass for years to address maternal mortality in our state. I guess now the super majority cares about moms. Kinda fitting and convenient.

Please stand with me against that kind of governance. If you live in Indiana please contact all your state representatives and ask them to:

  1. Send you your share of the $700M
  2. Not make abortions anymore difficult to get in Indiana then they already are
  3. Act like adults and stop abusing our public schools for private gains

I got a feelings there’s no time to lose,

Sho don’t know why this is so hard for sure.

I’m gonna go for it for sure,



  1. I live in Westfield and I went to Noblesville highschool back in the 90’s. I’d like to talk to you about your positions on some issues. Your posts have my interest.


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