Who i’m doin’ it with*

Want in on the greatest inside joke ever? This is something my college roommates and I perfected during our 3 years together. Whenever you hear or encounter a….

That’s what she said moment

Discretely raise your index finger and wag to get your insiders attention. I suggest enlisting your spouse, a friend, or trusted colleague. It brightens up my day at least.

But to explain the asterisk

Who I’m doin it with?

From a previous post

For me. For the last 23 years at least the answer has been simple.


I’m 40 now and the first time I had sex I was almost 22. It wasn’t Missy. But the next time it was and I was 22.


Now I have had couple other relationships with women during my time at Purdue. All consensual none ended in sex as it pertains to the biblical sense.

That’s really all there is to say about my sex life.

But, as far as your representative in Congress you’ll know each and everyday who I’m meeting with, why I’m meeting with them, and the results of our conversations.

Should be interesting to see how true transparency works in government.

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