What do you know?



How someone gets elected?

What happens once you get to Washington D.C.?

What do you actually know about the people that are running this country?

What is it that you think you understand about what happens in and around our Nation’s Capital?

I’ve never even been to D.C.


Nor do I have any connections in any way shape, or form, to any business, affluent people, donors, lobbyist, or even a powerful political party.

But over the next 2 and a half years you’ll all know everything you care to know about me.

What i’m doin,

Who i’m doin’ it with*,

Why I’m doin’ it,

Heck by then, if you want you’ll know everything there is to know about me.

Basically my entire life.

If I can’t get anything accomplished during these next 2 and a half years,

I highly doubt I’d even want to go back.

If I’m being held to the same standards as my current, or at least as much as our current or former representatives in Congress I think I’ll be an exceptional voice for the people of Indiana’s 5th District.




Every day

If I am unable to do anything to make all of our lives better during my first term I’d be so fed up with the place I’d let the republicans, and maybe even the democrats, have it back.

R’s probably. It is Indiana don’t forget.

I want to earn your vote,

not buy it

or pay for it.


It’s that simple.

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