Sit Bonum Tempora Volvunt

Kinda fuzzy on your dead languages? Sit Bonum Tempora Volvunt is Latin for,

Let the good times roll

Kinda how I feel at this moment.

Yes, it seems as if the world has gone mad with the Coronovirus/Covid-19 stuff.


Seeing that I’ve been living this SAHDLIFE of mine for the last four years and now my wife is working from home, our daughters’ preschool is closed, and we have enough supplies, toilet paper included, to stay within the confines of our own home and yard for at least a month. Sit Bonum Tempora Volvunt.

Social Distance and

Common Sense

I will let social distance and common sense guide us during our family walks around the neighborhood, or down the trail to the sitting park. I honestly can’t think of a better way to spend my days then with my four ladies.

A lucky man am I

Not to underestimate whatever is happening to those that have whatever this virus is. But, overreacting now, because we under reacted to begin with has been a great blessing to me personally.

It’s always been true,
Never more so than during a pandemic


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