A lost season

Not to undersell the true tragedy that has become this global pandemic. I know people have died, are dying, and will die because of COVID-19. I know people are suffering in every way a person can suffer be it physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and financially.


The biggest collective group of losers on the global stage is the sports world.

In the blink of an eye the most entertaining month, Mid March to Mid April, on the sports calendar was called off because our President underestimated the seriousness of the corona virus, put Mike Pence in charge, and now we sports fans are all suffering in all the ways mentioned previously.

I know the NCAA Tournament has become a national obsession. My entire life I have enjoyed March Madness and The Masters Tournament. Both these events are the most prestigious tournaments in their field. My entire life as sure as the day light begins to bring life back to our landscape, the oil in the Lenten fish fryer seemed to warm with the Madness that begins with each individual Conference Tournament, and ended then ended with one shining moment.

I would say about 5 years ago is when The Masters finally overtook March Madness as my favorite sporting event of the year. Four to six days of wall to wall golf from Augusta. My favorite sport is football. But the sport I really get lost in has always been baseball. Our national pastime played during wars, famines, but not during this. Let us not forget the most exciting major sports league post season tournament, the NHL also begins in early April.

Especially this year I was really looking forward to The Players Championship in March. But, after the first day of competition they suspended it and that was lost as well. It could have been Hideki Matsuyama’s tournament to lose after posting an opening round 63. But, we will never now.

I realize the non serious nature of this post juxtaposed to the human, financial, emotional cost. But, in terms of pointing out some glaring concerns I have had about our global economy, the extremely thin profit margins of our employers, and the even more depressing lack of preparedness as a society in general to withstand a real emergency I am worried. But I’m happy to be at home with my wife and daughters.

If this world is going to hell in a hand basket I’d just assume be entertained by at the very least 36 of the best golfers in the world carrying their own bags, using a hand cart, or even driving themselves around the course like me. I think the PGA missed an opportunity to be the only game in town.

If we are trying to right the wrongs of our past

I know toilet paper is important but really people?

In all seriousness. Maintain your social distance, use common sense, and wash your hands.


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