Basketball Recommendation

If you’re like me and you usually try to distract yourself with basketball in and around the month of March you might feel something is missing. At least I do.

As this quarantine stuff continues Missy and I keep looking for things to occupy our precious free time. I keep watching this on the side because it’s still so serile.

.2 seconds

To anyone who stumbles across this please know that Purdue is my alma mater. That could be misconstrued as a homer pick, be that as it may, that does not take away from what a great game it was. For anyone interested in a basketball recommendation that is.

What is the greatest Indiana moment as it pertains to March Madness in Indiana during your life time?

Some other games of note, depending on how long my sahdlife continues to play out in a quarantine state this could get interesting. For me if not anyone else.


Jimmy Chitwood. Bobby Plump. The Big O. Trgovich. Coverdale. Wooden?

Indiana player.

Non class basketball tournament.

State or National.

All NCAA tournaments and any IHSAA tourney games until ’98

It’s a long list.

Back to Back is always rare.

12U District 1 Boys Basketball Champs

Cedar Lake Boys and Girls Club defeats Valparaiso and then East Chicago and/or Gary. Either way out of the 4 teams involved we were not the favorite. Two inner city squads, a county seat, and the poor rural community. That’s when I first experienced a home court advantage.

I was 10. I never played. My brother and I were warm bodies to fill out a short bench. Ricky Selva was the star. It was awesome! Equal parts amazing and shocking to all involved. We then advanced to state. After a sleep over in the Club, a 4 hour drive down 41 to Terre Haute a beleaguered and bewildered group of kids and 2 coaches from Cedar Lake lost our first game to the host club and the next to team from Evansville.

Some of my Indiana March Madness memories.


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