Same as it ever was

Same as it ever was

I don’t believe David Byrne was the first person in the history of the world to say or think that. But he may have been the first one to insert this phrase into pop music.

My grandfather never really understood David Byrne’s artistic vision and that’s ok. As he would say, there was too much going on.

The man’s talent is obvious

I’m just not that creative I guess

My grandfather after we watched the opening of Stop Making Sense

I remember being way to young and seeing the video for Burning Down the House on MTV. For the next two decades the Talking Heads fell into the I like listening to them, but not watching, category of my musical diet. In the 80’s I was really to young to understand, let alone watch, listen, and understand the Talking Heads. Thy lyrics I always liked. The songs have been around my entire life.

Same as it ever was

But, my grandfather used this phrase when talking about politics and society throughout our lives together. Whenever we got started on politics and society he was inevitably say something to the effect of, same as it ever was.

I really discovered the Talking heads while in college. That’s when I first saw Stop Making Sense. It was probably 2000. That concert video came out in and around the time I first heard Once in a Lifetime and shortly thereafter Revenge of the Nerds.

While watching that documentary I really began to appreciate David Byrne. As a kid it was way over my head. As a teenager and as a young adult it was 80’s music. But in and around 2000 it just clicked. I came to understand the more theatrical, interpretative theater/dance, and performance art side of The Talking Heads.

Same as it ever was

Especially in terms of political promises. Over my grandfather’s last year of life he and I would sit and talk through my idea about running for Congress. He supported me but didn’t understand why I would want to be surrounded by all that bullshit. His words not mine. Plus, as he liked to put it, you (we) don’t have enough money in our family. Unless you’re doing something down in Indy that’s illegal or you have made a bunch of friends with influential or affluent people it’s going to be…… not impossible grandson but pretty close.

I don’t tell people what to do with their

time or


Another Jerryism*

I pride myself on listening to my elders. But, I’m doing it gramps. Just so when I sit in my garage in the twilight of my life I can tell anyone willing to listen that I did try to change what I didn’t like about our world.

Or is it?


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