Really? You’re not sure about this part of the Clinton impeachment? Ok, I explain an asterisk from my Sept. 30th article Unimpeachable.

It was a blow job.

At most it was sex.

Between two consenting adults. Unless I have totally misread that part of the story.

That being said, what is going on now is even worse. This isn’t consensual in anyway. At worse it was intentional, at best it was irresponsible, either way it just shows complete negligence, or a level of buffoonery not fit for the Office of President.

Every President moves the needle of the country. This President for all his nonsense has pointed America’s attention to a few things that due need to be not just discussed, but dealt with. Illegal immigration hurts this country and our business relationship with China needs attention. More importantly they need to be solved to continue American interests throughout the world.

A Solid, Conservative, Republican Credentialed

You’re words. Not mine.

Unconscionable, indeed.

A crisis in the White House is a crisis for our entire Country.

It will only be solved by a fair and sober search for the truth.

Let the American People learn the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.

Mitch McConnell, Feb 12th. 1998

I was 19 in ’98. I was to young to realize what a huge waste of time, effort, and taxpayer money that impeachment process was. If We the people needed to know whether or not that President really did have sexual relations with that woman back then. I think We the People deserve the pursuit of the truth today as well.

Thank you for your service Mr. McConnell.

The impeachment then might have been pernicious

This one, not so much


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