Or is this not an impeachable offense?

No President has ever been impeached. Zero.

One went to trial. He won.

One dropped out beforehand.

The other one was Andrew Johnson. The President after Lincoln.

I remember the Clinton inquiries. But, this whole thing is completely different in every possible way.

Both, shameful.

Both, an abuse of disproportionate power.

Both, not a complete shock to anyone who voted for or against the candidate.

By the time Kenneth Star, Janet Reno, and Capitol Hill got around to stumbling upon something that had nothing to do with campaign finance, and filling the papers President Clinton couldn’t be reelected. But they moved past the Inquiry Stage, which is where we are going now, it was the only thing anyone talked about. A made for TV scandal.

The inquiry of our current President are even worse. Which leads me to the only questions I truly have about the continued investigation of him and the upcoming election.

Are the Republicans going to have a Primary Election?


Does the President know that irregardless of whether or not he wins this election this investigation is not going away?

The fact that I, or any voter, would believe that this President probably coulda acted this way comes by no means as a shock to anyone. Considering everything we knew about him before and since. Think of all the videos, interviews, TV Shows, Books, reports, bankruptcies, investigations, et al that stuff. He still won.

C’mon People we all knew who he was then,

and even if we truly didn’t, or believed he probably couldn’t,

we now know that he probably coulda,

even after people told him couldn’t or shouldn’t.

I think that’s what they call probable cause

If that’s who you want as the CEO of America. That’s on you. But either way the People of this Nation will continue to investigate this as long as he is in office. We did it to President Clinton and that was just fellatio*.


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