Boilermaker midseason check in

2 and 5 are the numbers that matter.

Two wins

Five loses

The Boilermakers are 2-5 That is not where I, or any, Purdue fan wanted to be after dropping an away game in Iowa City last weekend. Here are some other important numbers for the Boilermakers this Fall:

4, the number of games Rondalle Moore has played

0, the number of games Lorenzo Neal has participated

2, the number of games Markus Bailey has started

6 games out of 21 started by arguably the 3 most important Boilermakers

Moments before injuries

in section 116

still so many possibilities

Unfortunately, the main story line this season for this Boilermaker football team has been more about who hasn’t played. I’ve never spoken to Purdue Head Coach Jeff Brohm. However, I’m sure he doesn’t want to hear any excuses and I appreciate that. Before this season began I believed that for these Boilers to truly have success that other younger names would have to be added to the shared vocabulary of the Purdue faithful.

True freshman defensive end George Karlaftis has been an impact player since week 1. Freshman wide receiver David Bell is beginning to show his potential as well. Freshman quarterback Jack Plummer has also been thrown into the staring role since early September after Elijah Sindelar’s first injury vs. TCU. He seems to be progressing each week. That is good for the overall health of the football program in West Lafayette.

Here’s hoping that the final 5 games this season for the Boilers will be about who is on the field. One final hope for this season. Here’s hoping that the Bucket game is another win and in game for at least one of the victors. If not both. A fan can still dream, right? It’s always nice to have something on the line the final week of any season. Here’s hoping those that do step on the field keep progressing, competing, and winning a few more.

Boiler Up.


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